Yves Rocher Shower Delights

January 29, 2017

Hello guys!

Long time no post! Today I wanted to talk about two presents I got for Christmas which are the Yves Rocher Coconut Sensual Bath & Shower Gel and the Yves Rocher Raspberry Peppermint Energizing Exfoliating Shower Gel.

I love the Yves Rocher brand as they are eco-friendly and their products have close to 100% ingredients from natural origin which makes me feel more secure about what I put on my body.


The Coconut Sensual Bath & Shower Gel is my favorite smell I think and the consistency is very smooth and creamy it feels so good but my favorite way to use it is in the bath. It is just dreamy, the smell, the bubbles… I am dying for one now… It has 97% ingredients from natural origin and is paraben free. It retails for 7€ for 400ml (13,5fl.oz).

The Raspberry Peppermint Energizing Exfoliating Shower Gel I had never tried before. I love that the packaging is see-through because you can actually see the product and the tiny fruit seeds. It smells really nice and fresh and exfoliates really gently which is a plus for my sensitive skin. It’s made of 96% of natural ingredients with Apricot kernel powder and Kiwi seeds. It rinces off really well without having to rub and leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling so good. It retails for 3,95€ for 200 ml (6,7 fl.oz).

I have never been disappointed with a Yves Rocher product to be honest. I have had numerous perfumes, shower gels, a body moisturizer, a lipstick and an eyeshadow and have loved them all. They have really good quality products while still at a good price and are still making sure to be good for the environment.

I hope you guys enjoyed and wish you an amazing Sunday!

Lots of love, Gaby

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