Why Looking Forward to Something Will Make You Happier

July 13, 2018

Don’t they say the wait until Christmas is actually the best part? Waiting for something that you know will bring you joy is quite great isn’t it?

I’ve noticed that I’m less stressed and feeling blue if I have something good to look forward to. Time goes by more quickly because I know that there is light at the “end of the tunnel” and I feel more motivated to tick things and days off.

Whether it’s a meal with friends, going shopping, going on vacation or just looking forward to a night at home to chill, eat and watch something you love, it can help you to be in a more positive mood, therefore seeing things a little less grey and in the end, to feel happier.

Things I’m looking forward to:


What are you looking forward to?

4 responses to “Why Looking Forward to Something Will Make You Happier”

  1. Yesssss to this. I’m a HUGE advocate of living for things I’m looking forward to, all the time!

  2. This is such a nice positive post, i agree that when i have things to look forward to i always feel better! I’m going to Edinburgh in August, it’s my moms 50th birthday party in August to o and we’re going to London in Septemeber!

    • Omg Edinburgh!! I’m SO jealous right now haha, I’ve been wanting to go for so long but the plane tickets are very very expensive from France. Have a fab time lovely and I hope your mother has an amazing birthday month (my parents and I are August babies too!) xx

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