Who Should I Be Online? Content, platforms & being honest vs being positive

October 16, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my online platforms. I follow a lot of different types of accounts, bloggers and youtubers, some are more about “light” subject such as beauty, lifestyle tips, fashion… and others touch base on more personal, controversial for some or intimate subjects. I like the diversity of them, none are bad or good, it doesn’t mean that the creator is more shallow or deeper, it’s just about what they decide to share online, how much of themselves they choose to put out there and I respect both sides equally.

As of late, my content on all of my online platforms have been at the forefront of my mind a lot. I’m a bit lost about what type of content to put out there, what my online representation should be, how much of myself I should talk about…


Should my platforms be a place of highlights and positivity or should I be real?

This one is a constant struggle. On one hand, I want to be positive because it’s a way to help people feel better and to be uplifting but on the other hand, it’s not a true depiction of my life. I’m not feeling good 100% all the time and nobody is, so should I “pretend” to be okay all the time? It feels like lying sometimes, especially when I really do feel very down and cannot see the positive aspects myself. However, when I do mention the negative and talk about when I feel down, I feel like I’m a whiner, that I complain too much and focus too much on what’s wrong instead of what’s right.

The thing is, because I am writing all of my content on all different platforms, I may feel like I’m complaining and whining too much when actually people don’t take it that way, and more as a way to be real and acknowledge when things are wrong because in the end, we’re only humans. Maybe people do think that it’s too much focus on the negative. I don’t know. But when I look at accounts on Instagram that only showcase all the glossy sides of their lives, I always end up feeling like my life is not good enough and that’s not something that I want my audience to feel. So should I just be real and honest then?

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Instagram and its themes

Speaking of Instagram, it seems to have become a place of real struggle for most people. It’s so hard now to grow on Instagram, it’s as if we are all spermatozoons competing to win the big marathon of who’s going to make it whilst pushing each other, not liking photos, liking one to unlike it if the person doesn’t return the favor or even play this awful follow/unfollow game to increase your number in a cheating way – and I’m not even going to talk about about the ones buying their way up the ladders. It’s as if it has become a place of glossiness, who has the best  photo/ outfit/ handbag/ life rather than showing who you are as a person. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see such beautiful and inspiring imagery, I mean that’s why it’s so popular. But I do appreciate some honesty or behind the scenes stories. I like to get a good idea of who the creator is rather than feeling like I’m flicking through Vogue and not relating at all.

On the flip side, I want relatable, but… I do like a theme. I feel a bit bad about saying that. I like a good-looking account. I love photography and I love structure. I like good editing, quality photos, a mix in types (full body, outfits, architecture, nature, beauty…). But I need to feel the personality behind. I need to feel like I can get to know them better, even if it’s not personally but a few key points. I think that’s why Insta stories are so great, you really get to see the person’s day better. I also love when people post the best photos first and then add a few behind the scenes/failed ones after. It always creates a better atmosphere around it. But is it genuine then? Not really I guess. It’s all about editing your life and making it all look pretty for everyone to see. It sometimes hit me that way but mostly, I like to see it as a place of creativity where everyone can come up with a vision of the moment. Do you agree with this?

To be deep or not to be?

When it comes to my blog, I like to dive in a little deeper (like in this post). I do like a bit of personal posts, life updates etc… But sometimes, I feel like I’m not “professional” enough. I always doubt the tone of my writing or even my content in general (should I be more concise? should I write long posts? be personal? be more on the surface?). The thing is, I like both. I like blogs about makeup/fashion/lifestyle who don’t dig into their personal feelings too much – or at all –  and I like a blog that’s more personal, talking about the blogger’s issues, struggles, life views on specific topics… it just depends on my mood really.

My real problem is that I feel like I’m not consistent enough, it’s the same issue as finding your niche in the blogging sphere, should I have one? Should I stay free as a bird? Should I be more professional or should I stay real? Ugh… The constant struggle.


But at the beginning…

Okay so I’m very late to the party but I’ve started watching Shane Dawson’s series on the “real life of Jeffrey Star” and it made me think about the beginning of the blogging/vlogging spheres more. At the start, it was all about being real, content over quality, being honest over being pleasing to the eye. Getting to know the person, reading/watching their honest reviews was all that it was about. It’s what made the blogosphere what it is today. Admittedly, it has grown into an industry which means that it needs to be more “professional” for those who want to succeed, but shouldn’t being real and honest and relatable still be valued?

When I think of very successful online people, I think of honesty and hard-work. Glossiness but reliability. Amazing content and dedication. Inthefrow, Hello october, The Anna edit, Beth Sandland, theLittlePlum, Maria Joynson, Lydia Millen and so many more have made there way to the top by working hard, creating beautiful content and being fucking hard-working whilst still remaining down to earth and relatable. They’ll talk about anything from gorgeous pieces of clothing/makeup, amazing trips but also about feeling down, everyday life struggles and show themselves bare faces, wearing comfy clothes and eating leftovers. They don’t sugar-coat their life. They do have beautiful content online but they also use their platforms to show who they are as normal people.

And that’s what matters in the end, feeling that person you are reading, following, watching online is someone you relate to, look up to, who inspires you to be a better person, to work hard and to also take pleasure in what you do.

Nobody wants to feel like crap, we just want to feel like we’re not alone.

3 responses to “Who Should I Be Online? Content, platforms & being honest vs being positive”

  1. I try to be as positive as possible on my social medias, more so on my blog than anything but a lot of the time i’ll tweet how im feeling as im talking to a friend so some of the time it can be quite negative but i feel as though my little corner of the internet is my real life and if im feeling sad about something i will tweet about it or even make a blog post and im happy with it being like that, for me personally i’d just hate to portray a positive life all the time when 99% of the time it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine!

  2. gillianfinn says:

    I love this post! Just know that you’re doing great with what your style is and what your content is – you don’t have to fit into any kind of box 🙂 I think it’s just important that most of the time people just want to read what you want to write!

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