Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment

janvier 6, 2020

I asked on a poll on Instagram last week if people still watched Youtube or if it was « so 2013 ». With the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and now Disney+, I was wondering if people who follow me on Instagram were still interested in the video corner of the net.

Personally, I’ve been watching Youtube videos daily for the past now 7 years. I never watch TV though we have one, preferring to watch Netflix on the TV during dinner with my boyfriend which has been our ritual since we’ve started living together. TV feels too negative for me.

I’ve realized that I have phases where I’ll switch watching Youtube to catch-up on shows on Netflix at night instead. It really depends on my mood, I realized of whether I want someone to talk directly to me or not. It’s weird isn’t it? But one think that in my opinion made Youtube what it is now, is the fact that we can connect with the person streaming the video, because they talk directly to us. They look into the lens and share tips, opinions and life moments with us. I know that some people find it difficult to understand, which I can get. However when you think about it, it means that it’s easier to connect with people from all over the world and to feel like you belong because you like the same type of food, of makeup, of travel. It’s a way to feel less alone, to understand yourself better (for me, it was learning that what I was experiencing were high anxiety and panic attacks) and to get inspired.

Relax and Just Enjoy

Depending on my mood, I’ll watch different types of videos from different creators. It really depends but usually, if I want to relax and have a good time I’ll watch videos from Alex & Dan, a married couple from Montréal whom I adore for their relatable life. They don’t fake their life, if it’s a « boring » day that’s okay and I love that. They are expecting their first child and I’m very much enjoying following them on this journey. Often on weekend mornings, I’ll catch up on Zoe Sugg ‘s latest entertaining, honest vlogs. They never fail to help my shoulders relax and help me not overthink.

  Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment

In a funk, Need a laugh and to get your sh*t together?

If I’m in a funk, I’ll usually watch The Anna Edit. I adore her. She has the most positive personality, always laughing and seeing the most positive sides of things without realizing. Even though her vlogs are my favorite, I enjoy watching all her videos and love how into organizing she is. Same goes for Allana Davison, she is incredibly funny and her honesty really is something I cherish. The online world can be very fake and « highlight reel, my life is perfect » and Allana doesn’t take part in that bulls**. She also is very much into fitness whilst still clearly enjoying her food and what a relief to follow. When I need to encourage myself to workout, I’ll pop up a vlog of her day in the life and bam, I’m working out.

Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the momentWho I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment

Want a motivational kick in the butt and get inspired?

Now, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with New York since September. I’ve always been a massive fan of this city ever since I was a teenager, but this, has gone to another level. If i could move there tomorrow, I would. I’m so into the vibe of the city, the constant stream of possibilities and opportunities, of beautiful views and … ahh I’ll stop there. So when I was getting into that obsessive state in early September, after watching « Sweet Digs » of NYC on Youtube (these videos are addictive, beware) I found Tara from Tar Mar. I fell in love instantly and watched her videos and vlogs all the way back to 2016 when she moved to NYC. Her filming style is spot on, I’m so into her natural easy makeup and outfits, she is honest about everything, no BS and so inspirational. She is my go-to when I need motivation and inspiration! Also, her Instagram is the best, very editorial – but not too much.

A recent find is Natalie Barbu. A new New Yorkers and though in their early twenties, she has worked hard to become self-employed. Natalie is a Youtuber, podcaster, she owns a clothing line and does coaching. As well as being very inspirational, she also talks about topics I’m very much into like money, spending and setting up businesses. It’s a breath of fresh air and a motivational kick in the butt to see someone working hard to achieve her goals.

Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment    Who I Watch the Most on Youtube at the moment

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