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March 2, 2018

March is finally here, which means that spring is coming! I am so excited for Spring. This week has been the coldest ever (we had between -4 to -8°C this week, hello Moscow-Paris) and I cannot wait not to have a red nose, freezing extremities and peeled off skin on my hands.

But for now, let’s have a good ol’ recap of some things I’ve been loving for the past  couple months.


For some reason I had never watched Friends until a few weeks ago. I mean, it first aired a month after I was born so I guess it wasn’t really of my generation. However I did remember my mom watching it later on but I never thought of getting started watching it. A month or so ago, I was a bit sad of not having a TV shows with short episodes and a light story that I could watch whilst eating or doing something else. I had finished watching the Modern Family seasons that were available on Netflix and remembered having added Friends to my list so I started it. I quite enjoy it! It’s pretty funny and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see a show about friends hanging out and going through the good and bad together. I can watch several episodes back to back and do some work that doesn’t need my entire attention which makes time go by more quickly when I wish to just relax.


I remember hearing everyone talking about this show when it aired but I didn’t think it would be my kind of thing. I thought it wasn’t about real stories and just like day to day life of Narco-trafficants and just not my cup of tea. Boy I was wrong. We started watching this with my boyfriend during our meals about 3 or 4 weeks ago and we are in the start/middle of season 3. Though it’s sometimes a bit too bloody for me, it’s so beautifully shot, I love that it’s from true events, the actors are great and I’m able to practice my Spanish. What a great combo.

The Handmaid’s Tale 

I’d been meaning to watch this series ever since it launched but for some reason I kept putting it out. Maybe it was the title that made me think it would take place decades ago and I would not like this and I just put it on my list but never started. Last week, during my mid-term break I was at my parents and whilst I was writing a report on the couch, my mom was watching something and I kept getting so into it that I couldn’t study properly. I ended up asking her what it was she was watching and she told me it was the Handmaid’s tale. She was reading the book as well and as I’m a bookworm and always want to read the book before seeing the movies, I had been waiting for her to finish it to start the series but after watching the episode with her, I could not wait. I started watching it the the same night and got obsessed immediately. It was all I could think about all day – my night treat of watching an episode. As of yesterday night, I’ve finished watching the series – brilliant, amazing acting, so much suspense – and I’ve started the book, so I’ll report back on it.

Yves Rocher Coconut Body Lotion

Do I even need to mention that it’s been freezing lately? No, I don’t think so. Every winter it’s the same, my body screams for moisture, becomes itchy and patchy and I need to moisturize even more. This year, I’ve noticed that thanks to the amazing Yves Rocher Coconut Body Lotion, my skin has been feeling great and is rarely itchy for moisture. When I was at my parents last week, I noticed it got bad because the body moisturizer they had there wasn’t great so I was really happy to come back home to it last Sunday.

Working Out 

As some of you might know from this post , I’ve started going to the gym at the end of October about 3 to 4 times a week and I love it. I had forgotten how good for the mind it is as well. I am so much less stressed and prone to anxiety that I ever was. I tend to worry less, I sleep so so so much better than the past 5 years and I have been able to concentrate way better. Physically of course, it has helped a lot. I’ve been able to drop a few pounds (though not enough to my liking) but I try my best not to focus on numbers but on how I feel. I am way stronger, I feel better in my body and it has improved my lower back pain a lot. I’ve spent 4 hours at the gym this week and I feel awesome.


I’m obsessed. There is no other word. My sister and I went to the garden centre first in October/November time I believe and I bought a few of them and we went back last week to buy a couple more. They just are so beautiful and don’t require a lot of care which is great. Plus, they look amazing on pictures. I’m itching to get more plants as well but I’m going to wait until we move and actually have space for some.

Kiko Nail Polishes 

I used to be this girl who always had a great manicure. I think I was about 9 or 10 when I started doing my nails properly and even through middle school and high school, 90% of the time I had my nails filed and polished. But for the past few years, I don’t have the time to put nail polish on regularly. It takes time to dry and apply a couple coats before applying a top coat (and sometimes a base coat) and I ain’t got time for that. It’s even the taking off part that’s putting me off.

But a few weeks ago I was browsing Kiko for the winter sales and came a cross a few shades I fell in love with. The Soft Nude nail lacquer in 005 Hazelnut I grabbed first as it reminded me of a latte color, the Power Pro in 27 Nude is a gorgeous pink nude and the Smart fast dry nail polish in 003 Nude Beige is, well a beautiful beige-y nude. Dah. The colors are gorgeous, and except from Hazelnut which is very matte, the other two are quite glossy looking and they last for about 2 or 3 days before chipping which is not phenomenal but okay – I do wash my hands a lot.

What have you been loving lately? Anything you have been obsessed with lately? Let me know!

7 responses to “What I’ve Been Loving Lately”

  1. Holly says:

    I’ve literally been binge watching Friends on Netflix recently (I’m on Season 5). I can’t just watch one episode, I end up watching 6 haha! Great post.

    Holly x

    • I totally get it, it’s so addictive. And because they are only 20mins each it’s like “oh, why not another one?” and 2 hours later I’m still watching haha
      Thank you lovely xx

  2. Bhumika says:

    Kiko nailpolishes are baee 💕

  3. I was a year old when Friends premiered but recently fell in love with it, so I’m totally in the same boat as you. I wish I had have watched it when it was first released on Netflix but it’s still good now! I want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale but couldn’t get into the first episode. I keep meaning to sit down and make myself get through the first episode.

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com

    • Friends is bomb! I keep cracking up watching it. For the Handmaid’s Tale, it’s quite an unusual story so I understand why it couldn’t get into the first episode but it makes way more sense after and it’s actually brilliant – a bit heartbreaking at times – but so good! Let me know what you thought of it if you do watch it xx

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