8 Things I Loved In November

December 6, 2017

What I Loved This Month

November has been a strange month.

A very birthday-oriented month as my sister, boyfriend and my grandmother are all November babies. But, as it’s the second half of the semester, I was (well, still very much am) very busy with school work.

I still managed to enjoy November very much though which I am quite happy about as I think life goes by so fast that sometimes we get caught up in our problems and forget to enjoy life. Anyways, here are what I enjoyed this month…

TV Shows

stranger things 2

Who hasn’t been absolutely obsessed with Stranger Things in November to be honest? I mean, this is definitely one of the best TV Shows ever. The cast is amazing, the plot is unpredictable, the settings are incredible… it’s just an all-rounder for me. It took me the whole of the month though to get through it as I had so much studying to do and when I am excited to watch something, I want to be sure to be 100% ready to make the most of it. And boy it was amazing.


The other TV Show I’ve been loving recently is Modern Family. I adore the cast I think they are all spot-on, the jokes are so relatable, I laugh so much everytime. It’s such a great comedy show, I always enjoy watching it when I have time to eat at home for breakfast of lunch, it never fails to make me in a better mood.


Beauty-wise, as I’ve said a thousand times already (read my My 5 Essentials for The Colder Months to learn more) I have been drenching my face – and as we speak hands -with coconut oil. I do masks every night without fail, though the length of it depends on days, to hydrate my skin. I can tell my face thanks me for it everytime.


For makeup, I’ve been loving doing a smokey reddish eye-look with the Tarte Don’t Quit Tour Daydream palette. I don’t go too heavy as I still want it to be day appropriate. I love how it makes my green eyes pop out, plus, the formula is incredible and it never creases. I use runway in the crease and on my lids, then pop a little bit of werk more in the outer part and either strive or boss lady in the center of the lid. On an everyday basis, I i use rock on for the brow bone and shine on for the inner corner. Never fails. 4


Sweater weather for life. I am really loving being able to wear sweaters, jumpers and hoodies on. I feel so warm and cosy, it just makes me so happy?

I’ve already mentioned that I am back at the gym and loving it! (read about it here) I already can see some results and feel stronger, my mood is always better afterwards, I see a real difference anxiety-wise and I very much enjoy the workouts. It’s now definitely a part of my weekly routine and I’m very pleased about that.

As I love being cosy and I’m always so cold at night, I’ve been enjoying drinking a vervain lime tree herbal tea after dinner. It sets the start of my relaxing time, warms me up and is just delicious.

As we’ve had a lot of group work to do as well, I’ve been working and studying a lot in groups. Though it has its disadvantages, I’ve been enjoying having a support system and  working together either on a project or just studying for an exam. Especially when your friend brings the best cookies of Hong-Kong to “give us some energy”…


What have you been enjoying in November?


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