What I Got for Christmas – 2017

December 30, 2017

Who doesn’t wait for Christmas all year round? Between the festivity in the air, the good mood, the amazing food and the decorations, Christmas is an incredibly beautiful holiday.

What I personally really like about Christmas is also that it’s a time to gather with family members and loved one. I don’t get to see my aunts, uncles and cousins often during the year, we either don’t live close or have so many activities that we don’t have time to see each other so Christmas is a time to finally see everyone.

I don’t really like sharing what I got for Christmas to be honest. Even this year, we spent Christmas in Paris in my dad’s family and my sister and I didn’t want to bring our presents over because we felt a bit uncomfortable about it. As much as I love giving presents, I feel uncomfortable receiving them. I never know how to react, feel awkward and sometimes also feel like I don’t deserve them.

However, this year for some reason, I would like to share them with you. I think my family definitely pinpointed what I love and they really reflect myself.


Les Bougies de Charroux candle – this smells so delicious. This one is Trois sucres (3 sugars) so it’s a very sweet smell but I love it because it reminds me of the smell of sugar cookies and is very Christmassy. As soon as you open it you can smell it in the air without even having to light it. It also is hand-made which is a real bonus for me as I am quite concerned about the health issues some candles can cause.

La la land CD – I am obsessed with this movie. 3 minutes into it, I knew it would be in my one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the actors, the story, the settings are incredible, and oh dear the soundtrack… So when my sister got the CD for me for Christmas I was so happy! I am quite obsessed with it and I already knew the songs pretty much by heart (thanks Youtube!) but to be able to listen to it in the car and the house is going to be so amazing…


Tanya Burr Tanya’s Christmas – I have been following Tanya for years now and when I heard she was bringing out a Christmas-related book I knew it would be amazing. The photography in it is incredible and Tanya looks beautiful. Everything looks so perfect in this book, the recipes, the ideas, the decoration make me so excited for Christmas 2018!

Blanket – I have so many soft blankets but honestly, I don’t think anyone can have too many of them. They are so cosy, make you feel warm and are so pretty. This one is a super soft grey fluffy one and I already am obsessed with it. I can already hear my boyfriend say “another one??” so I have to come up with a plan to hide it, he’s a guy, he won’t notice it… (right?)

3Nina Ricci Luna perfume & cream – I am not really a perfume person. Perfumes give me horrendous headaches and I haven’t been able to wear one for years. A few months ago, whilst (already) Christmas shopping with my mom and sister, we were in the perfume section of a perfume and cosmetics store and I wanted to try the Chanel Gabrielle perfume, because well for obvious reasons (we share the same name) I wanted to know how it smelled. We ended up trying out a few and my sister and I fell in love with the Luna perfume from Nina Ricci. It didn’t give me an instant headache and I liked everything about it. My mom remembered that in time for Christmas gifts and she got us the gift set with the body cream which smells the same.

Sephora products – I’m having a real moment with sheet masks. I am definitely obsessed at the minute so when I saw the Sephora set my aunt gave me for Christmas I was so happy! I got 3 face sheet masks: Perfecting & brightening, anti-fatigue & energizing and Mattifying & anti-blemish. She also bought me two eye sheet masks Perfecting & brightening, anti-fatigue & energizing, two samples of their shower creams and a body cream as well. I am so excited to try them and will report back.


My sweet family also gave me some money which as a poor young adult and student I am really appreciative of, as well as gorgeous Christmas cards. I am so grateful for everything I received. I really don’t care at all about the costs of the presents, I never have and hopefully never will.

What really is important to me is the meaning of all of them. The fact that they know me so well to get me the perfect presents and presents I will really enjoy. As every year, I thank everybody who got me something, they don’t have to buy me anything but do and want to make me happy and for that, I am so grateful.

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas if you celebrate it, and even if you don’t, I hope you are having a fabulous winter break and are surrounded by the people you love whilst eating a tone of food and relaxing before the New Year.

xx Gabrielle

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  1. loved reading this and I love that you got presents which meant something and know that your family know you really well 🙂 I really wanted to get Tanya’s book and forgot all about it until now! I may still try and get it though.


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