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August 10, 2017


Hello everyone!

A few weeks, I received an email from Tarte advertising their Family & Friends Pool Party 25% off (almost everything) offer and my heart skipped a bit.                                          For the little story, when applying for my second year of Master’s degree, we were asked to fill in a form and one of the questioned required to talk about a company we would like to work in and whose Business side of things interested us. I didn’t have to think long as we had a course where we had to think about our dream job and Tarte Cosmetics ticked all the boxes so I talked about the company. When they asked me to come for an interview, they also had a question about a company I would like to work in (and other specifics but honestly, it’s all a blur now) and I talked about Tarte again. When I came back home, I told my mother how it went and told her “if I get accepted, I will definitely place an order on Tarte’s website! They would have kind of brought me luck in a way!”.

And there I was, a month and a couple weeks later, in front of an amazing offer. To be honest, I took some time to think. Was it wise? Should I spend money on makeup when I was going to have to pay a rent and so many more expenses soon? The next day, I received the same email and went on the website. The products involved in the offer were amazing and I really had been eyeing some of them for a long time. So I just decided to treat myself for once. It took me a few hours to pin down the ones I would get because even though there are not luxury products, they cost quite a bit of money and I wanted to make sure to be happy about whatever I would receive.


11As I have sensitive oily skin, I had been wanting to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage foundation for ages so I got it in the shade light neutral which is the perfect shade for me (thank goodness! Picking a shade online is so scary). The consistency is like nothing I’ve ever tried: mousse-y while still foundation like. While it’s quite a thick consistency, it is incredibly light and looks like skin. It’s incredible honestly how well it blends in the skin, doesn’t cake up anywhere – not on the sides of the nose (but if you have some dried blemished you have picked at, it will gather around it as any other foundation would), and stays on all day. It controls really well the oiliness of the skin and trust me, I tried it out during one of the hottest day ever while in Lyon for the entire day (from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m) and it was 35°C that day and I only had to put a bit of powder on once and the coverage was still there! Everytime I use it I am baffled at how natural it is while still covering everything that needs to be. I always feel bad taking it off because it still looks so good.

Price €36, reduced price: €27


9.jpgWho doesn’t love a good Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush? And oh boy do I understand the hype around this blush. I got the color risqué, a peachy nude that looks super natural and is so beautiful. I also got a sample size of exposed in a set I also got and it’s a beautiful mauve-y pink. It stays on all day, looks natural while still there as if it’s a natural flush of color and is pigmented. Plus, the packaging has an amazing mirror!

Price: €28, reduced price: €21



12The offer also had some sets so to try out some of their products. I got the limited-edition tartelette faves discovery set vol. II containing the tartelette tease palette, a sample size of the tarteist lash paint mascara and a sample size of the tarteist lip wardrobe liquid lipstick in FOMO. All of these are absolutely amazing, the liquid lipstick’s color is gorgeous, a deep raspberry, lasts for a long time and fades as a tint (I now realize it’s not in the photos… sorry about that). The mascara is very natural looking and doesn’t clump the lashes while still providing length.

The palette is gorgeous but the only think I have to say is that it is advertised (the photos shown with the product) as a pink toned palette while the actual palette has brown toned. I was a bit disappointed to be honest but it does have gorgeous colors so it’s okay.

Capture d_écran 2017-08-09 à 20.52.23

Photo on the Tarte website

Price: €26, reduced price: €18,75



5Another set I got is the Skin squad deluxe discovery set NSPF. I still want to play around with it to give you a full review as I think it takes longer to really review them, but I do enjoy them.

It contains: a deluxe deep dive cleansing gel, a deluxe Rainforest of the sea 4 in 1 setting mist, a deluxe drink of H20 hydrating boost moisturizing, a mini blush, a mini flash, camera, lashes mascara and a BB cream. They all have a very nice smell, quite beachy, but not too salty it’s really unique. The mist’s spray is really enjoyable as it doesn’t spray too much product and the hydrating boost moisturizing is moisturizing but not greasy in the slightest. They both penetrate the skin quickly and don’t leave a tacky feeling. I have yet to try the cleansing gel but the BB cream and the blush are so amazing! The blush is a smaller sized- Amazonian clay blush (doesn’t have a mirror) but so much product for a mini with and is a gorgeous mauve-y pink. When I tried the BB cream, my jaw dropped. Honestly. I usually stay away from them as I either want coverage or don’t want to wear anything on my skin, but this is incredible: it has coverage, feels like nothing on the fingers and the skin and looks basically like your natural skin but perfected. Even up-close nobody can tell you have makeup up on.

Price: €17, reduced price: 12,75 (for 6 products!)


3This you are not ready for. The limited edition Don’t quit your daydream eyeshadow palette!! I had been dying to get it ever since it launched. It is so flipping beautiful, so pigmented, pretty much doesn’t crease or slightly (without eyeshadow primer!) as much as any other shadow – and I have quite oily eyelids. It has every shade that I love and that make my green eyes pop. I have been using it non-stop (when I am wearing makeup, oh the joys of finally being on holidays!). I love that you can flip the lid and that the mirror is the size of the packaging. Such a good travel product. The shade shine on can be used as a face highlight and werk as a liner since there is no black in this palette which I don’t mind.

Price: €18, reduced price: €13,50


Okay, now about the shipping fees. None! I don’t remember if it was part of the offer, but I only had to pay the tax fees which was €18,64. I which the tax/customs fees wasn’t so expensive (though it was €21 for Colourpop and I didn’t have that many products…) because I would buy (one at a time though…) more products from them.

I feel so happy every time I open my makeup drawer and see them. I had been wanting to try their product for ever and I am not disappointed in the slightest! I love what they stand for (quality, well-thought, mostly natural products with great packaging and marketing) and the story of the company.

For future references, do you have any must-have products in your opinion that I need to try from Tarte cosmetics? I really wanted to get the stick foundation but well, it was €27 as well so… next time 😉

I hope you enjoyed!

xxx Gaby

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15 responses to “What I Bought from Tarte Cosmetics & Reviews”

  1. These photo are stunning lovely, some great picks! I totally want to try out the foundation as I have heard some many great things about it. Xx

  2. Isabelle says:

    I really want to try the Exposed blush! My favourite Tarte product is hands down the Tartelette in Bloom palette though x


  3. Velvet Blush says:

    You got such an amazing haul! I have heard good things about their BB cream and I did want a new one so will bear that in mind. I really want to try their shape tape as it’s supposed to be full coverage x

    Velvet Blush

  4. brynnieblogs says:

    Tarte is such a fun brand! I just bought the shape tape concealer and I have been loving trying that out. The eye palettes look so pretty, especially that shimmer color in shine on! What a good haul! xx Brynn


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