Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette review

December 23, 2018

After weeks of looking at it in store and online, I finally got my hands on the latest Urban Decay Naked palette: the Naked Cherry.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette closed

I’m more of a warm toned lover and for the longest time, I thought I would get the Naked Heat instead. But considering that I already have the Zoeva Voyage Caramel Melange palette which is full of warm tones it would have been silly of me to get another similar palette. I also wanted to try something different and play with different colors and I was really drawn to thebeautiful pinky and purple-y shades. And there in my Sephora basket it went and in my everyday beauty bag it has been since.

The packaging

Though it’s quite bulky in size it doesn’t weigh too much and the fact that it comes with a huge mirror makes it all the better.

I really love how it feels as well, the name of the palette is in relief and the burgundy shade of the palette with the cherries is really nice.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette 2

The shades

The palette includes 12 shades: 7 mattes and 5 shimmers.

In my opinion, there is a very nice variety of shades with enough light shades and deep shades to create a good variety of daytime looks and night-time glam makeup.

I use Hot spot to highlight the brow bone and Caution as a nice base for the shades.

Bang bang is such a nice color with a nice golden pink tone

Feels and Juicy create a perfect lid shade for any look and look amazing

Turn on and Ambitious had a gorgeous pop of glitters on the lid and can change how a look turn out.

I think Bing and Devilish are my favorites for the crease. They look so good against my green eyes and make them pop. Depending on how I feel that day I can go with a light hand or a more heavy hand when I want to make a statement.

Young Love, Drunk Dial and Privacy are not colors I’ve played around with much because I mean, it’s not very office appropriate is it? However, they are perfect to use in the lashline or as a liner.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette 3

The pigmentation

I’ve found that the shimmers are slightly less pigmented than the mattes which is often the case. However, they are very smooth and easy to pack on if you want. With the mattes especially, I have to use a light hand because it can be quite pigmented and on dark mornings, I could end up looking like I’m going on a night out.


I haven’t experienced noticeable fallouts from this palette. I always do my face makeup first and I never have to clean my under-eyes or anything.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette 4

The longevity

One think I have to say first is that I have oily eyelids. Silly me doesn’t use eyeshadow primer and I have hooded almond-shaped eyes so I do have a little bit of creasing. However, I really notice that I don’t have as much creasing as with other palettes.

When it comes to the lasting power, I notice that – probably because I don’t use a primer – I do have to use a heavier hand for it to last perfectly. But, it does look really good at the end of the day, less intense, but still really good.

The price

The palette retails for 52€ / £42 / $49. With 12 shades, I think it’s a decent price. Each shade contains 1,3g which and as it’s quite pigmented, it could last you quite a long time.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t guess already, I’m obsessed. I use this palette every time I do my makeup and thoroughly enjoy using it. It’s one of those purchases where I think “I could I have waited so long to get this?”.

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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