Trip reminiscing – Prague

March 13, 2016

I was looking for a background photo when I came across my photos of my high school trip to Eastern Europe 5 years ago.

When I was in my second year of high school (we have 4 years in middle school and 3 in high school) my school organized a student exchange program with a high school in Brno, Czech Republic. They paired us with a Czech student who came to live with us for a week in October and we went there for a week as well in April. But our teachers also wanted to travel through Eastern Europe so they organized the trip so that we took the plane to Budapest, Hungary where we spent two days before taking the bus to go to Brno, Czech Republic where we stayed at our penpa’s for seven days during which we spent two days in their school -since in was a French teaching high school, and travelled the other days to Vienna, Varsovia and Auschwitz(Photos are of Prague, though).

Kostel Panny Marie Pred Tynem

Kostel Panny Marie Pred TynemWorld's Pictures 525World's Pictures 527

It was so amazing, we did all the travelling by coach so we could do whatever we wanted. My best friend and I would listen to music or talk for hours while looking at the view. I have so many good memories with my best friend during this trip. When we left our pen-pal we travelled to Prague to spend two days there.Needless to say it was incredible. We were about twenty students and two teachers were accompanying us so it felt realy like we were on holidays. One of the teachers is a history and history taught in English (French High school, remember?) teacher but also a archeologist and the other one was a French teacher. They really seemed to enjoy being with us, they had planned everything we were to do during this 10-day trip, visit, where we would eat and where we would eat as well and honestly, well done to them! I was so enriching to see so many different cities, architecture, lenguages and foood. You feel like time has stopped and you just… enjoy yourself.

I let you with some of my favourite photos and hope you enjoyed! (As it was so long ago I don’t remember the places where I took the photos (and well, it’s in Czech))

World's Pictures 619World's Pictures 628World's Pictures 685World's Pictures 542World's Pictures 584

World's Pictures 598

Astronomical Clock called Staromestka Ramice

Astronomical Clock called Staromestka RamiceKostel Panny Marie Pred Tynem

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