Three Affordable Products I’m Loving

November 8, 2019

It’s sometimes the products you didn’t plan to buy that end up making their way into your everyday makeup routine. I often get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of new product launches and recommendations on social media and platforms that I don’t even know what to buy. Testing out the newest releases or older (by weeks…) products I heard good things about? Huh…

So when I decided to treat myself on a whim, I’ll usually go for something more on the affordable side. I had been wanting to test the Ordinary Coverage foundation ever since it launched. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in France and I found it hard to get my hands on it. Imagine how happy I was when ordering a few skincare products on Cult Beauty (review coming at the end of the month!) I saw that they carry the Ordinary! In my basket it went… for £5,90 you really don’t think twice.

A trip to Kiko to get a new fall appropriate nail polish left me leaving with the nail polish in question, but also a gorgeous cream eyeshadow. A grand total of 8,99€, not bad!

So let’s see what these 15,8€ (13,6£) are worth in terms of quality, shall we?

Let’s cut to the chase, the Ordinary Coverage foundation is amazing. Upon the first day putting in on my face, I knew we’d get along. The texture is amazing, a it feels like a mousse but is a liquid; the color match is perfect of me (I went for 2.0P Light Medium); the coverage is perfect: high coverage but not cakes, not heavy and buildable. What I do is apply about half a pump on my entire face and use more product when I need more coverage as to not suffocate my skin. It lasts really well and I find it does reduce how shiny I get throughout the day *oily skin gal heyyy*. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase.

I have been purchasing Kiko nail polishes for years. I love their Smart fast dry formula, they last really really well (about a week) and they have a nice color selection. This gorgeous shade is called Scarlett Red and is a stunning deep red with some berry tones, perfect for autumn. As I said, the formula is amazing, by the time I’ve applied a first coat on both my hands, the first hand is dry. I always wait just a few minutes, just in case, before applying a second coat. Wait for a few extra minutes and then apply a top coat. I’ve gone for their clear Pro Power nail lacquer last time, because they were out of their top coat and it made my nails look perfect for 7 days with only I nail chipping day 6. And damn I wash my hands a lot!


And now the product I didn’t see coming at all. The Colour Lasting Creaming eyeshadow. I quite like the Kiko eyeshadows, though they don’t always last the best and make my lids crease quite a bit, but I like their formulas and color selection. So when my sister and I saw this little pot of goodness, we fell in love. One, the color, 03 Bordeaux, is absolutely beautiful. It’s a deep berry mixed with red and the nicest sheen. The texture is something I’ve never touched before: it’s incredibly soft and feels like nothing to the touch, it glides on the skin easily and blends seamlessly. It lasts quite well though I’d need to wear a eyeshadow primer to avoid the creasing my hooded eyes always assure. The only annoying thing is that the pot is too deep and as I like to use my fingertips to apply cream eyeshadows, it’s hard not to get it under my nails. However, I still reach for this product all the time because nothing could stop me…

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