The « Watch, Read & Listen » Edit | January

février 10, 2020

Well, who’s excited that the longest month of the year is finally over? January was a strange one for me this year. I was both feeling fresh and excited to put some things into motion but at the same time it was a heard month full of figuring stuff out and overthinking. And so when that happens and I spiral down a dark path, I turn to anything that can make me forget and concentrate on something else. But you know what helps? To watch series that help you forget what day it is or make you laugh. To read books you never want to finish and to listen to podcasts that entertain you when needed.

The "Watch, Read & Listen" Edit | January

I’ve always been someone who loves to read. Reading has always been a part of my daily routine and an activity I find calming, motivating and/or comforting. When I decided on what goals I wanted to work on this year, I decided that reading 25 books would be a great one. I enjoy reading but find it hard to read during the day as I end up feeling guilty that I could have been doing something productive instead, when actually sometimes it’s just precisely what I need.

Here’s what I read last month and what you should add to your reading list:


Okay technically I read Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Read in December 2019 but you have to read it. If like me, you’re someone who always had a hard time making a decision because you keep wondering « but what would happen if I took the other option?! », you’re going to enjoy this book. Honestly, even if you don’t struggle to make a choice (lucky you) this is very interesting and quite deep in parts.


In the Dark by Cara Hunter was one of those books I could.not.put.down. From page 1 I was hooked. The writing wasn’t what I expected as you follow the story through the discoveries of the detectives and therefore get to read interviews of suspects, articles from the press or police notes. I also found it very interesting that we get to read about different inspector’s points of view. Honestly, I had to stop myself from binge-reading it because I wanted to make it last.


I don’t understand how it took me so long to read Becoming by Michelle Obama. I think it was the price at first, as a student I couldn’t afford to pay that much for just one book but honestly I could wait and asked for it at Christmas. It’s genuinely one of the best books I’ve ever read and I’m not saying that because it’s from Michelle Obama. As a reader, we get an intimate view into the upbringing life and thoughts of the 44th First Lady of the U.S.A.. It was so interesting to read her thoughts, points of views, about how her process of thinking about certain subjects evolved. I found it very clever how the book is divided:

The "Watch, Read & Listen" Edit | January

Even though reading has been a big part of my everyday life in January, I’ve also watched a ton of TV shows last month.

« Get her up!, YEAAAH »! (if you know, you know ;))

The world and the other planets have heard about Cheer and ohmygoodness I binge-watched the show as soon as it was released on Netflix. Having always had a big interest and being in awe of dancers and gymnasts this was the show for me. Am I ashamed I’ve already watched it 4 times? Nope. Have I watched every interview of them since? You betcha. The dedication, hard work and focus of these athletes is breath-taking. Yes I want Jerry to mat-talk me every day, yes Morgan is the cutest thing ever, of course I love LaDarius’s sass and Monica’s honestly, hard-work and love for her « children ». Now, am I pretending to be a cheerleader all the time? Of course.

Good morning, America…

Another show I was obsessed with in January, but on the other side of the spectrum I would say was The Morning Show. Oh wow. This story of the aftermath of a sexual misconduct scandal on the people working on a popular morning news broadcast was gripping from beginning to end. The cast was brilliant: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell as the main characters were the perfect fit. Their incredible acting made it even more difficult to watch at times – never I had ever hated Steve Carell before and damn I wanted to slap him. It’s powerful and the ending made it even harder to wait for season 2.

« No doubt, no doubt, no doubt »

On a lighter note, we binge-watched season 6 of Brooklyn 99 as soon as it was released. Boy I love this show so much. The Politician had also been in my « Watchlist » and for good reasons because loved it! I enjoyed how quirky it was to follow rich high-schoolers during their run for president and loved the acting in it. Now I can’t wait for season 2, especially since the last episode is so good.

« I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. »

Ever since Emma Watson had shared a photo of the cast on set back in December 2018, I had been dying to watch the latest screen adaptation of Little Women. I mean what a cast! Emma Watson! Saoirse Ronan! Timothée Chalamet! Laura Dern! Meryl Streep! Oh, it was meant to be good. But it wasn’t just « good », it was amazing. I won’t say more, if you haven’t watched it, go!


Being a big Youtube watcher, I watched a ton of people this month as well. If you want to hear all about the Youtubers I’ve watched the most in January, here is a blogpost all about it.

The "Watch, Read & Listen" Edit | January

Now, if you want something to listen to when commuting, cleaning or cooking, here are my recommendations:

and you’re a fan of The Office, did you know that Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey (aka Pam and Angela) have created a podcast called Office Ladies? No I’m not lying! Each episode focuses on well, one episode of the Office. Jenna and Angela break down each episode with behind the scenes stories, fun facts and talk us through life on set. It’s so interesting to listen to and I love that they often have guests from the show! It’s so comforting…

I wasn’t sure in which category I should put this next one, but since originally it’s a podcast, I guess Pretty Big Deal should go in the « Listen » category. Even though I always end up watching the episodes on Youtube because I love seeing the people talk and their facial expression and everything, you can listen to it from everywhere. I find it fascinating to hear people who are « pretty big deals » in pop culture talk about their life and careers, motivations and beliefs. Ashley Graham is such a good host as well. It doesn’t feel like listening an interview but just listening to two well-known people having a deep chat. Such a good one for a little boost of motivation!

The "Watch, Read & Listen" Edit | January



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