The Three in my Skincare routine for Clear & Radiant skin

August 24, 2019

I’m writing this post as I’m about to go take care of my skin as not been super clear nor glow-y lately. But I mean, that’s the result of eating cakes and treats for the past two weeks. Cheers to a big birthday month! What’s your favorite kind of cake? I’m curious… Mine is definitely chocolate. I’m digressing. As I was scrolling through the Cult Beauty website the other day (cheers for the birthday coupon!) I noticed that whenever I’m looking for new skincare products, I always tend to search for something to clean and keep my skin clear and radiant. I have oily skin so I find that my pores can get clogged easily so skincare is my bff.

In the past two months, I’ve been using the same three products in my daily/weekly routine and I’ve noticed a difference in terms of texture, appearance and feel. Here are my 3 current skincare heroes:

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

My go-to when I can tell my skin needs a deep clean. You know these days when it’s been super hot/you’ve sweated a top and you are wearing makeup? Brrr. I try to use this mask once or twice a week but you can bet that after one of those days, I’ll be masking.

I find this mask to help really deep clean my pores, get rid of impurities and help with sebum production. My skin always feels super fresh and clean after using this product. It’s brighter the next day and I find myself using less base product because my skin looks so much better.

Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

This is the mask I always reach for whenever my skin’s texture needs a little help. You know, bumpy-feeling, pores our of control, not smooth at all? The little beads of the mask help to get rid of all the dead skin, smoothing everything out and the the rose clay cleans and purifies my skin. My face looks radiant and feels super soft whenever I do this mask. Bonus: it smells really nice and you look like marshmallow. Yaaas, Queen!

Pixi Glow tonic

Who doesn’t love the Pixi Glow tonic? Everyone and their mother talk about it as it’s amazing at getting rid of dead skin, toning and basically making your skin look glow-y. It’s also in my everyday routine because this is the product to help me control my keratosis pilaris condition (chicken skin) on my cheeks. You can read my post on the Pixi Glow tonic here and see before and after photos as well.


What are your essential products for keeping your skin looking clear and bright? 


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