The Spring-Summer 2018 Lipstick Edit

May 27, 2018

Spring has been very touch-and-go this year in France. It started with full blast heat in April and then followed up by a few weeks of colder gloomy weather and now it seems to be back to a more end of spring beginning of summer weather.

This time of year really calls for glowy skin, minimal eye makeup and colourful lips for me. I love playing up the colors depending on what I wear to make colors pop. The only thing I’m careful about is more the formula because this girl has sweaty upper lip, meaning I spend a lot of time rubbing the sweat from my cupid’s bow and rubbing lipstick. To prevent a very Miranda Sing-esque lip, I choose formulas that are either very resistent, or more sheer balmy texture I can reapply without being too careful about the application.
I’ve chosen a few products I use quite reguarly this time of year – and except one they are drugstore, yeahh for the bank account!

Spring lipsticks edit 2

The Stay-On Don’t Budge Formulas

NYX Soft matte lip creams in Zurich, Cannes and Antwerp.

Zurich and Cannes look quite similar but when on the lips, you can tell that there is a difference in how it makes your skintone pop. Cannes is more of a browny nude when Zurich has more pink in it. So depending on if I want a natural look with more emphasis on the skin I’ll go for Cannes and if I want a little more emphasis on the lips I’ll go for Zurich.

Antwerp is a gorgeous bright pink with a little bit of coral in it. It makes for a gorgeous pop of color and definitely makes me look healthier.

Bourjois Velvet Matte in 02 Flaming Rose

This lipstick won’t move. It’s a matte finish but isn’t too drying. The color is a bright pink with a tiny bit of mauve in it. I love it when I need my lipstick to just stay put and not fail me.

Spring lipsticks edit 3

The Look How Naturally Healthy I Am’ Formulas

Kiko Coloured Balm in Guava

I hope they haven’t discontinued this balm but I’m pretty sure they have something permanent very similar. This is more of a “throw on in the car at a stop light” product. It’s going to give you some moisture and a bit of color to the lip at the same time. Very on the go, effortless vibe.

Dior Lip Scrub in 001

This is one of my faves. My lips tend to flake quite easily so some days a liquid lipstick just won’t work or I just don’t feel like wearing something permanent on there. I always have this in my bag for when my lips need to get smoothed out a bit and moisturized. What I love is the pink tint in leaves on my lips. It’s so comfortable and easy to use.


I’d love to know what type of formula you prefer for the warmer weather and your go-to lip product as well

9 responses to “The Spring-Summer 2018 Lipstick Edit”

  1. The soft matte lip creams from NYX are always a fave of mine, super cheap and so nice on the lips!

  2. I can’t believe I still havn’t tried any NYX lippies yet!

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. hanmorris97 says:

    So many gorgeous colours! I love Zurich, it’s perfect for these months, the colour is super pretty xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. alattestyle says:

    Love these shades! I like to use tints all year round for the most part <3

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