The Skincare Items I Couldn’t Live Wihout

September 18, 2016

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I realized last week that the condition of my skin really depends on the skincare that I use on a weekly basis to clean and detoxify it so I wanted to share with you the skincare products that I always have on hand.

First of all, the A-Derma Purifying Foaming Gel is my absolute essential.


This is what saved my skin from a hormonal imbalance. It took two years for my skin to go back to normal and it’s all thanks to this amazing skincare product. It purifies and cleanses the skin, it’s soap free and is aimed at acne-prone skins. I use it twice a day every single day, first thing in the morning when I wake up after washing my hands and at night in the shower. This just cleans my skin more thoroughly and purifies it from incoming pimples. It really helps to prevent spots from surfacing and I just love the freshness feeling on my face after using it, that’s when I feel like everything is very clean. It foams up but does not dry the skin whatsoever thanks to the oats  in it that keep everything hydrated.

I buy mine at the pharmacy for about 12 to 15 euros I would say, and it’s a 400ml bottle (£10-12,8, $13- 16,6) and it lasts for ages, this one was bought at the beginning of April and my sister uses it too.

The second item I use a lot is the Garnier Micellar water All in one for sensitive skin.


I use it to remove my face makeup and to clean my face when I am makeup-free and feel like my skin could use a little clean. It does not irritate my skin and can be used for the face, the lips and the eyes. It really helps to gently remove the makeup and the dirt that has been accumulating on the face throughout the day – or night if you want to use it in the morning. It basically feels like water that you put on a cotton pad. This one is 400ml and costs 4,70 euros so about £4 and $5,20.

The third product that I use daily is the A-Derma Severe Blemish Care.


This I use once to twice a day on the areas where I tend to get blemishes, so the chin and the bottom half of my cheeks, and on actual blemishes when I have some. This is from the same range as the foaming gel so it is aimed at acne-prone skins, and helps to prevent blemishes, to eliminate blackheads and spots and it fastens their healing process as well as mattifying the skin with a lasting effect.

This is also a must-have product for me and I realized this week that it really makes a massive different on the state of my skin. For the past two to three weeks I had more blemishes that I used to because of the stress of the start of the semester and the heat. I started using it again on the areas I mentioned before and in two days, my skin was back to normal with almost no scarring at all. This also saved my skin from the hormonal imbalance I also talked about before. This is about 11,5 euros so about £9,80 or $12,7 and lasts for ages as well. This one is from January if I remember well, because you need the tiniest bit to cover the targeted areas.

The last product is one that I use twice to three times a week and it’s the St Ives Apricot Scrub Invigorating.


This is a gentle exfoliator that is made of 100% natural extracts (like walnut, corn, apricot and other shell powders), is oil-free, non-irritating and dermatologically tested.  It gently exfoliated the dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and radiant skin.

I use it a few times a week when my skin need a bit of exfoliation or if it looks dull. I use it in the shower after rinsing my face. You don’t need much and I advise to add a bit of water with it so that it’s not too harsh on your face. It real helps to get rid of dead skin cells and to smooth the skin- and it smells so good. It’s about £3,99 so about 4,7 euros and $5.

So these are my must-have products that I need or I’ll just freak out basically – especially the A-derma products.

I hope you enjoyed !

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