The Skincare Edit – Origins Ginzing Peel Off to Refresh and Refine

June 18, 2018

I think that what I love about beauty is how each product is different. Whether it’s the ingredients, the texture, the color, the smell, the consistency, the result, no product has a twin.

When I was browsing Sephora for a new mask, I knew I wanted something that first of all would make my skin look and feel better and also be something a bit different.

I decided to pick up the Origins Ginzing Peel Off Refresh & Refine mask because I really wanted to try something new from them and I didn’t own a peel off mask.

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The Sephora US website describes it as a “refreshing peel-off mask is fortified with Coffee Beans, Panax Ginseng and our gentle Fruit Acid Complex. It helps lift away dull, dead skin plus dirt and debris to leave you looking clear and radiant. All while refining pores, too. Skin looks smooth, feels totally refreshed. Pores snap back in to shape!”

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The color of this product is a very interesting color to say the least. As you can see on the photo it’s a very orange shade with gold shimmers inside. The consistency is curious as well, it feels thick and reminds me of how they described the blood of unicorns in Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone, quite pastry and thick. First off, I was already a bit thrown off by how chemical-y it looked.

But the issue started when I started applying it. It smells so chemical-y that my eyes started to sting quite badly for about a minute or so. I had a hard time keeping them open and it made applying it a bit difficult to say the least.

The instructions say to apply an even layer to the skin but doesn’t mention that the layer should be quite thick. When I used it the first time, it wasn’t thick enough so I could not peel it off property and I ended up having to rub if off with cold water for quite some time. Needless to say, it made a mess in my sink which ended up having orange streaks and gold everywhere. The second time, I applied a thick layer which meant I had to use the amount you can see in my hand on the photo times three to cover both cheeks and my forehead so quite a lot for a mask that only contains 75ml. It took quite some time for it to dry completely as well, about 15 to 20 minutes I would say. I smiled as instructed to help peel it off more easily, which it did. But dear god it was painful, especially where the skin is thinner like below the eyes, the nose and high on the cheeks. My skin ended up being quite red after that process and I could still feel the peeling sensation quite some time after taking it off which was not enjoyable.

Results-wise, yes my pores were smaller, yes my skin was a little bit brighter but this could easily and way less painfully be achieved using a good scrub and deep cleansing mask like the Caudalie products I reviewed last week. I’m not saying it didn’t do anything at all but I think the fact that my skin was red for so long and the peeling process was so painful threw me off a bit.

I’m quite annoyed that I wasted 20+€ for this product but that will serve me well not to do my research before (which I normally do but this was not planned).

However, I still really want to try other products from Origins like their Ginzing energy-boosting moisturizer, the brightening super fruit mask and their eye cream.

Do you have anything from Origins to recommend me trying? 

2 responses to “The Skincare Edit – Origins Ginzing Peel Off to Refresh and Refine”

  1. mummywho says:

    Love the honest review but how awful for your face! Will be avoiding this.
    I have their facemark (don’t know the name but it’s black) and I love it!

    Kate xx

    • I always want my audience to be able to trust my reviews, it’s very important to me. Indeed I did look not so good after using it haha.
      Is it the clear improvement active charcoal mask?

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