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juin 10, 2018

For some reason I’ve been obsessed with skincare lately. Probably because I’ve been watching a lot of videos about it from Allana Davison and Estée Lalonde and also because I’m more into feeling comfortable wanting to feel good when I’m not wearing makeup. I like the feeling and the look of a more natural makeup these days and with summer on the way it’s time to start prepping.

I was watching a video from Estée about her self-care routine and the products that she was using and she mentioned Caudalie skincare with whom she was partnering. I decided to get my hands on a few products she mentioned so here they are.

The Gentle Cleaning Milk – Moisturizing sweet almond and soothing cornflower (8,30€ for 100ml)

In the video, Estée was using the foaming cleanser but as I already have the Garnier Cleansing gel Aloe Vera that turns into a foam and I should finish it up first, I decided to go for the other one she mentioned, the Gentle cleaning milk. I like to use this after taking off my eye makeup so only on the face. It’s quite gentle and smells really good. I’m having a hard time getting used to using this to be honest, purely because I’m so used to using my micellar water. The consistency is different but it feels more soft and soothing because of the texture. I do appreciate it because it makes my skin feel plump.

Deep Cleansing Exfoliator – (18,50€ for 75ml)

For months now, I’ve been using my trusty Pixi Glow tonic for exfoliating my skin (blogpost here). It works wonder and my skin has never looked so good. But I was missing that smooth skin texture. I was going to choose the Gentle Buffing Cream but my local Galeries Lafayette didn’t have it so I went for the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator and I am NOT disappointed at all.

First off, it smells incredible of grapefruit, mint and sweet orange. Secondly, the product is very creamy and dense so you don’t need to use a lot of it. Make sure to really wet your skin first though, otherwise it can be irritating on drier skin. The result is incredible. Right after, my skin was soft and super bright. The next day on brighter lighting I could see how healthy and smooth my skin looked. The texture was less grainy if that makes sense and the skin looked plumper. Obsessed. I use it twice a week and I could not be happier.

The Instant Detox Mask – (20€ for 75ml)

Who doesn’t love a good detox mask? I picked the Instant Detox Mask up because I wanted something to deeply clean my pores and get ready of all the dirt and pollution, and other bad stuff no one wants lingering on their skin. You only need to apply a thin layer so again, you are saving product. It’s quite interesting because when you apply it, it seems to dry down immediately but actually it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the mask to tighten up – without feeling uncomfortable or drying might I add. When I took it off, my skin wasn’t irritated or red nor burnt, it was looking and feeling very fresh and brighter. I could tell right away the difference. And it smells amazingly of lavender, parsley and chamomile. A winner.

I had been dying to try Caudalie products for so long and I have to say I have not been disappointed at all. Their products are amazing, very natural and they do the job so well. They are not overprice and I really like what the company stands for : they don’t use artificial ingredients and take great care in choosing « green » products to target specific needs.

I really want to try the Beauty Elixir, the Overnight Recovery Oil and Overnight Detox Oil. Any other suggestions?

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