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January 14, 2019

I can’t believe that I thought podcasts were nothing important probably two years ago. I’m ashamed of myself too.

I still remember when I really started getting into them. Back in spring/summer 2017, I was driving back and forth from my internship every weekday for four months and I was tired of listening to audiobooks. I wanted something that I could listen to without having to stop at a random moment. I can’t remember how but I started listening to a few podcasts to try it out and fell in love. It was like listening to people having a conversation whilst I was doing something else. I loved listening to their voices, the natural tone of their answers, the discussions and topics made the journey go by so much faster.


Now, they are a part of my daily routine. Every morning I listen to a a podcast whilst making breakfast and if I’m the one cooking at night I’ll continue it. I always download a podcast for my weekly cardio session (usually on the treadmill or elliptical) and keep a few other nicely stocked just in case.

I’ve already written a few blogposts about my favorite podcasts or episodes to listen to but these are for the creative minds, the ones who love a good beauty chat, a lifestyle conversation and to hear more about the world of content creation and how to improve their creativity.


The ones I always listen to no matter what

at home with

When I heard that Anna and Lily were doing a podcast back in 2017, I nearly jumped out of my seat. I adore both of them and I knew I’d get deeply addicted to their podcast. And without fail, after two seasons I’m still re-listening to most of them fairly regularly. The fact that the episodes always feature someone creative, with a different career with different advises and views on life make them so enjoyable. Lily and Anna always make the conversation sound so seamless and always have the best questions.

the emma guns show

I adore Emma. This podcast is about creative people from varied field of work (authors, brand creators, influencers, specialists, bloggers,) or about different topics or more so updates of some things Emma has been trying out ( meditation, a diet, quitting sugar, stopping wearing makeup, waking up early… ). It’s always something new and interesting.

The newcomers

I’ve started using podcasts to learn more about specific topics. There are so many amazing podcasts out there and I wanted ones to help me improve my content creation and all over blogging skills.

hashtag authentic

In this podcast, Sara invites a creative guest to talk about a specific topic (how to grow your instagram, publishing and book deals, finding your why, viral content, comparison, creative imagery for Instagram…). It’s such an interesting listen every time as each guest is very experienced on the topic. Each guest comes with their own skills and story and the conversations are always flowing very naturally.

it starts with a click

This one is fairly new to me but I’m already loving it. This one is a “how-to” podcast for the content creators on how to improve your content, photography, having your picture taken, instagram stories, pitching to brands… I already feel like I’ve learnt so much from listening to this podcast.

pretty basic

My sister introduced me to this one. Created by Youtubers Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, this podcast is fairly new but is already a must listen for me. From behind the scenes of being a famous content creator to life experiences, each episode always feels natural and heart-felt. It’s basically listening to two friends having a chat.

Swipe up

I’m so addicted to this podcast. Upon writing this, I’ve already listened to about four episodes in the past two days whilst editing and planning content. It’s so informative whilst still remaining natural. Each episode is about a specific topic from the content creation realm (photography, working with brands, money, influencer trends, Instagram, video brands…). I love how Katherine brings every episode to life.


What are your must-listen podcasts?

6 responses to “The Podcasts for the Creative minds”

  1. Leah Rachel says:

    These sound great! I’ve been listening to Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete podcast a lot recently, I love it!

  2. I’ve got really into listening to podcasts recently! I’ll have to check these out – one I really like is Keeping It Candid x

  3. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Candice |

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