The pink sweater I didn’t know I needed

March 4, 2019


I wouldn’t say I’m one to wear super bright colors. I have a lot of soft colors (read a lot of light pink sweaters and a few neutrals) but I’ve only lately ventured into buying a forest green and a yellow sweater. I know, crazy.

But when I came across this beautiful pink sweater on Mango, I knew I needed to get it. I was highly influenced by The Anna Edit’s pink sweater that I thought looked amazing on her. I mean I love a pop of bright color, especially in darker months to brighten up my mood a bit.


The scare was when I received it. I had it delivered at my parents’ so when my sister texted me that it looked bad, I Facetimed her immediately. What did she mean it looked bad?! I have to admit that the color looked a bit off that day, I don’t know if it was bad lightening or because it hadn’t been washed yet. When I went to my parents’ that weekend, the nighttime lightening made it look of a funny color. I kept the return paper, and decided to wait until the next day to decide.

Thankfully when I tried it on the next morning (here comes the sun!) I loved the color and texture. The material is good quality and very soft without creating fluffy bits. I also loved the little bump details that make it more special. I wasn’t sure I was going to wear it a lot because it was so bright, but I’ve found myself reaching for it in the morning (or night before) way more than I thought I would. It also makes me look healthier and more awake – and god knows I need that contrast some mornings.

Do you go for bright colors when you choose clothes or enjoy a pop of color? 


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