The makeup brushes I use everyday

February 1, 2019

makeup brushes 2The fact that when I discovered makeup, I applied everything with my fingers is a sweet memory. I didn’t brushes were a thing and what could be more practical than hands? They are always here with you and you can control them pretty well. One of my favorite Youtuber, Allana Davison always uses her hands to apply her face products and it always looks very natural.

I’ve tried, but it’s just too messy for me. I hate knowing that my fingers still have some foundation on them or are slippery when I reach for products. I’m also scared of germs and that does not help. So I’ve tried looking for brushes that give me the same natural finish but without all the fuss of needing to wash my fingers after every step.

I have to say that so far, the best brushes I’ve tried are from Real Techniques. They are affordable, amazing quality, don’t shed and are very long-lasting. And the designs are amazing! What more could one ask.

Plus, because they were designed by Nik and Sam who are makeup artist, you can be assured that they were thought out to perform perfectly. The expert face brush has been my holy grail foundation tool ever since I got it and the blush brush is amazing. As I wanted to expand my collection, I asked for a few more brushed from them for Christmas.

real techniques

My sister got me the Brush Goals gift set, which definitely is the perfect name. I use every single brush from this set daily. The ultimate buffing brush has become my one true love. It’s the softest thing I’ve ever had the chance to put on my face. The size is perfect, the density is dreamy, it blends my foundation effortlessly and super quickly. I always have this in my makeup bag.

Can you believe I didn’t own a fan brush before this one? Well, I did, but before highlighting was a thing I couldn’t find a use for this kind of brush so I gave it to my very happy little sister. Who could then highlight like a dream when I have to use my fingers. This brush does a great job at highlighting my face in a natural way on the perfect areas.

I have to admit that I don’t always look at the name of the brushes before using them. So I just discovered that the brush I use for packing on eyeshadow on my lids is actually an expert concealer brush. Good job, Gaby! Well, I use my fingers to apply the Glossier Stretch concealer anyway. Well, even though it’s not its real purpose, it does a great job at applying eyeshadow. It’s dense enough and grabs the pigments really well.

The full coverage eyeshadow brush I use in combination with the um, um, expert concealer brush to apply eyeshadow. It’s smaller and denser and I love that I can use this both on my lid and below the lash line.

The blending crease brush is amazing. It’s very soft, not stiff but not too and blends product effortlessly in my crease. It’s cone shape is the perfect shape for the crease of the eye I find.

The last brush I use daily but is not from this pack is the Powder brush. I don’t really powder in winter but it’s the perfect brush for bronzer. It’s big, fluffly, the perfect size for my cheeks and blends like a dream. What more could a gal ask for?

Please feed my brush edit with amazing recommendations in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely love the RT brushes!

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