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June 5, 2017

Hello everyone,

For two months now, I have been driving 1h30 per day to go to the company where I am doing my internship, 45 minutes can be quite long on the road, so I started by listening to music but it soon felt quite repetitive. Then I thought? Why not listen to an audiobook? I had subscribed to Audible a year before but never got the time to listen to it anymore. I had about 6 credits so I chose a few audio books to listen to on the way to and from work. I have absolutely loved the process, it feels like you are still doing physically something (driving) and at the same time doing something else that is listening to a book, read by someone and learning just like you would by sitting down with a book. It has made my car journeys so much more enjoyable. Here are the ones I read and what I thought about them.

IMG_5189I first listened to “Seriously I’m Kidding” by Ellen Degeneres. In this audiobook, Ellen talks about pretty much everything,  each chapter talks about a different topic from her career, coming out, funny memories, reflections and so on and so forth. I laughed so much and has it’s Ellen reading the book out loud, it’s even funnier.
IMG_5188Then, as I was on a television host kick, decided to download “May I Have Your Attention Please?” by James Corden. He adopted a chronological storytelling line and I loved it and was the one reading it too.  I loved that it just felt like he was just talking about his life, achievements and failures. I knew he had done acting and had heard of Gavin & Stacey, but hearing about his life as child, his early desire to do acting and his career was so great. I was quite sad that, as the book is from 2011, it didn’t include him talking about The Late late show with James Corden but oh well.

IMG_5190After that, I finished “Yes Please” that I had started listening to last June. I laughed so freaking hard listening to this. Amy is hilarious –once again, it’s her reading – and I loved hearing about her life, experiences and personal reflections. I didn’t know much apart from her not being a regular mom but a cool mom ( 😉 ) and being in Parks & Recreaction as well as SNL, but hearing about her childhood, teens, young adult life, her impro time, a bit more about her personal life was so nice, I like her even more now. She seems to be a genuine person and is so damn funny.
IMG_5187After finishing Yes Please, I started listening to “Pretty Happy” by Kate Hudson. I bought the book back in February but with exams, finals and the start of my internship, I never had the time to really read it, and I felt like it was something that needed to be read regularly. So I decided, why not listen to it in the car, I can always go back to the book to reread some parts, to write down a few things and so on? So I did that and I loved it, again, it’s Kate reading it out loud which I think is so great to hear the work from the author herself and I loved out thought out and researched is was, as well as containing personal experiences. Kate is known for her fab body, overall beauty and positivity. Hearing and learning about everything from healthy food, different body, mind and thinking types, exercice, mindfulness, more scientific details and so on was thoroughly interesting. I have really been into health for the past year and a half and I am so happy to learn more. As I was driving at the same time and well, didn’t want to have an accident, I couldn’t be as really focused as I wanted so I know that I will go back to some chapters of the book to really assimilate some of the things she said because it was that interesting.


I am now going to start “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” from Amy Schumer and preparing myself to cry laugh until my abs die. I am pretty excited about that. I really want to listen to Girlboss and The Life changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** as well.


Have you listened to any Audiobooks that you would recommend?


PS: I just wanted to send my love to anyone who has been physically or mentally affected by any of the terror attacks that have happened recently. I am always so shaken about the news of any attack, but we are strong, we must not let hate and terror get to us and we will thrive. Love is greater, and if anything, these horrible tragedies have showed us that.


Live, love, laugh and stay safe,

Much much love,

Gaby â¤ï¸

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