The Weight & Body Image Issues in our Society

July 6, 2018

Raise your hand if you have ever opened a magazine, a social media app, looked at someone and felt like your body just wasn’t right? You didn’t feel tall/slim/curvy/fit enough and started hating on your body. The mirror started to become your enemy and every time you see someone in the street with what is viewed by our society as “the best body type”, you feel like hiding and never going back out. Yep, me too.

Any Victoria’s Secret model, Kim Kardashian (or any of her sisters for that matter), celebrities, anyone in magazines, a woman with an hourglass shape is always viewed as having the body type you should aim to have. But why were we created different if there is only one definition of a beautiful body? I don’t get it.

We should mostly focus on being healthy. That’s my main concern if I see someone very overweight, I want them to take care of themselves and have a long happy life. I don’t care what size they wear. Plus, sizes vary so dramatically between stores that it really means nothing. I watched several videos on Youtube recently on trying jeans from different stores in the size the Youtuber is and seeing them struggling to fit in some and fitting perfectly in others really shows that size means nothing. Plus, it also means that it really is a struggle to shop for clothes. I almost always feel really bad after trying out some clothes because they often don’t fit properly because I’m too short, or the sizing is not always the same from different stores and I end up feeling so low. In reality, it doesn’t matter what size you wear, what matter is how confident you feel wearing them. Confidence is beautiful.

I’ve never really been satisfied with my body. I keep comparing it to others and feeling like I should lose weight. I’ve been going to the gym since last October and I have to say it changed everything. I am working on being healthy, fit and not skinny. I love feeling my muscles sore the next day because it means I’m working my body well to be a good functioning machine. I feel proud after a workout. Last Sunday, for the first time in yonks I felt confident wearing my bikini. I even told my boyfriend after seeing a reflection of myself on his sunglasses that my stomach wasn’t as big as I thought it was.

We keep hating on our bodies all the time when we should be grateful to have one, to live, to breathe. The goal is to be healthy and to take care of yourself so that you can be as happy as you can, it’s not to look at someone with envy and feel depressed.

I had a conversation with my little sister about this the other day (shoutout to Laura) because I had tried on clothes and kept saying that I still needed to lose a bit of arm and stomach fat and she got quite angry with me. She said something very true. She has always been thin – with the best booty ever – but still people always comment on it (“you should eat” “don’t you eat?” “you are so skinny!”) when she actually eats normally, it’s just her metabolism. She doesn’t eat when she’s not hungry and she also suffers from anxiety like me so when she is anxious, she doesn’t it when other people will binge-eat. It’s just her natural reaction. But still, people comment on it. Just like they’ve always commented on me being short or having a different body type than her.

No matter your body type you will always have insecurities. We just need to embrace ourselves and the body we were given. In the end, beauty comes from the inside out.

You are beautiful, just the way you are.

5 responses to “The Weight & Body Image Issues in our Society”

  1. This is beautiful and so true! I can relate a lot to your sister. I am skinny and get told that I need to eat. It is super annoying and people just do not understand how my body works. But I have learned to love my size and not to try and gain weight but to learn to live a healthier lifestyle!

  2. I totally agree, everyone seems to have body issues and insecurities no matter what

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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