The future is a continuation of todays & How to start making your dreams a reality

August 12, 2019

“The future is a continuation of todays”. It’s actually a phrase that popped into my mind whilst on a drive back from my godmother’s on my mom’s birthday.

I was stressing over the many things I want to achieve and all the things I need to get done to get there and thinking “I want to do this”, “How can I get where I want to be?”, “when I’ll be there I’ll do…” and then I decided to stop over-thinking and listen to a podcast. I decided on “Pretty Basic” by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz and they were talking about time management or something work-related and I just started analyzing how I tend to think about things:

“When I’ll be thinner, I’ll wear this” I think when I buy a new piece of clothing.

“When I’ll live there, then I’ll be able to do blank

“When I’ll be *random age* then I’ll be more confident and able to do blank

It’s a forever cue of future decisions and actions that take place in my head. But when I start to really thinking about it, isn’t the future a continuation of todays? At no point in life will we really be in the future. It’ll be another “today”.

By making all these plans in my head about what I’ll do “when…”, I’m limiting myself on a daily basis. Instead of planning in relation to the future, I should plan depending on today. On what I’m able to do at the minute, what I want to do, and steps to actually start setting up what I want my future to be like aka how I can today build up my castle for “tomorrow”. Each day is about putting in that brick that, little by little will build my castle.


Dream big

Yes, you can. Do dream big, it’s people who never dreamt and were too “realistic” that end up unhappy, doing a job they don’t enjoy, living a life they are not fully happy about, putting up with their daily life basically. So dream about that career you can’t stop thinking about, dream of this house you have been wanting since you were a kid, plan that trip around the world you want to do. Because “if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it“.

Be organized

Now I’m talking boss babe plan, creating a master plan of “how to build my dream today for my tomorrows”. Stop and make a plan: think about big categories of actions and then detail each one.

Example: you want to go travel the world

–> Categories: money / countries, cities / accommodation / travel

–>–> money : estimation of how much money you will need (research) / how much money you will need / how to earn enough money/ put money of the side (see my how to create a budget plan here and how to easily save money here) / how will you cut back unnecessary spendings

Don’t listen to naysayers

Someone told me something last year that has stayed with me since: never listen to someone who is not a specialist in what they talk about, they can’t give you advice or tell you you can’t do something they haven’t done themselves. If they encourage you, do listen. If they tell you “you can’t do it”, turn the other way. They have no authority to tell you that. 

She also pointed out that someone who has been successful in achieving something will never tell you to not do it. No matter how hard it was, they will encourage you to do the same. Because you know what, it was all worth it.

Tools you can use

Excel spreadsheets 

Business Plan

Blogs or blogposts on the subject that interests you (travelling, business setups, getting a house, moving abroad, on a specific job)

Podcasts on the subject

The internet in general, of course 


2 responses to “The future is a continuation of todays & How to start making your dreams a reality”

  1. ? D says:

    Absolutely loved this post ? When you realize that you are more than capable of doing things & achieving your dreams NOW, there’s no stopping you! Also, I liked how you detailed how to create a plan. It makes those dreams/goals seem a lot less scarier than you would think!

    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      Aww that makes me so happy! Ab-so-lutely, nobody but you can stop you. Yeah that’s what I thought, having a plan makes everything look easier!
      Thanks for the lovely comment beautiful xx

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