The French Pharmacy Brand that is Taking Over my Skincare Routine | La Roche-Posay

octobre 16, 2019

I wouldn’t say that my skincare routine is that complicated. My skin is quite sensitive *I mean even a beautician once applied a aloe vera mask on my face and it reacted, so…* therefore I try not to overdo it with the products. It’s simple and straight-forward, apart from a couple special treatments I’m trying to get my hands on, I’m pretty happy with it. In the past couple of month, a few skincare bits have made their way into my routine and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with them.

So without further ado, let’s all welcome the La Roche-Posay (LRP) fam to the skincare shelf.

If you’ve read my blog during the summer, you’ll know that I was loving the LRP Anthelios sunscreen. Having oily skin can often mean that finding a sunscreen that won’t make it even oilier or make me breakout can be quite the struggle. But when I discovered their sunscreen, my life has changed *cue dramatic music*. I have a whole dedicated blogpost on this bad (good) boy so I’ll leave you with it, but know that I apply it every morning and I don’t see myself looking out for a replacement.

Next up arrived the Effaclar Duo+ treatment. Though I had tested it out a few years back, I decided to give him one more chance. I want to start by saying that last time I had used it, I just had realized that I have a skin condition called keratosis pillars on my face (I’ve always had it on my arms) so I was on the lookout for something phenomenal to help me get rid of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the miracle product I had been looking for (actually, the Pixi Glow Tonic is the best product for it so far) and so I had passed it on to my sister. Sisters do have it good don’t they… Just kidding. Anyway, I had still remembered that it had had good effects on my skin, and it didn’t disappoint either this time around for that. My pores are less clogged and my blemishes are quicker to fade. I had hoped it would help my blackheads situation *shudder* but unfortunately I’m going to have to hunt down some salicylic acid product for that. Overall, I keep using it because it does help my skin to heal and does correct the few spots I tend to get – even the bad keratosis ones I end up having to pick.

Since the Effacera Duo+ is not a moisturizer, I decided to follow the LRP route and pick up the Effaclar mat moisturizer. Sebo-controlling, anti-shine and anti-enlarged pored, its claimed called my heart. Now two things about this. Yes, it does all that but only on days when I’m not wearing makeup. And even sometimes, I have to use my Garnier micellar water to take off the shine at the beginning of the afternoon. However, on days I’m wearing makeup, my shine stills pokes through (well has a party on my T-zone basically) but my pores don’t look big so that’s a win. The good thing about this moisturizer though is that it’s not heavy on the face. It feels like a gel that quickly gets absorbed and seconds later it’s like you are a fresh-faced goddess. For me, that’s amazing because most moisturizers tend to be too heavy for my skin and leave a shiny residue on my face. I know, weird aren’t I?

And because my local supermarket’s pharmacy section is great, there was a free full-size Purifying Foaming Gel sold with it and that my friends, is amazing. It’s aimed at oily sensitive skin so I am the perfect candidate for this product. I use it every morning and I have to say I do enjoy it. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped down and tight but rather feeling fresh and clean which is everything you want in the morning. I find a pea-size to be the perfect quantity to not die under the bubbles but to have to rub forever for it to spread.


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