The French Brand I Can’t Live Without – Yves Rocher Haircare and Cream products

September 20, 2017


Yves Rocher is one of those brands that remind me of my childhood. I used to receive basket presents of small bottles of their shower gels along with bath bars and I loved them. I have sensitive skin therefore I have to be careful about what I use in the shower and on my skin.

Yves Rocher has always been my go-to ‘treat’ brand and every time I got there I feel like a teenager again. The prices are reasonable if not affordable even though the products  contain 95 to 99% of natural ingredients and work wonders on my skin – and scalp. I have oily skin and therefore an oily scalp so I have to wash my hair every other day (and use dry shampoo on the second morning) so I am careful when choosing a shampoo because I don’t want to worsen the hair situation.

Shampoo Monoï Douche des Lagons – 3,90€  A few months ago, my sister and I went to their store to pick up a few products for her Italian pen pal and there was a ‘buy one get  one free’ offer on the Monoï shampoo and Everytime I use it, my skin feels super clean but not dry, more volumized and I feel like in stays clean for longer. So it felt only right when I received my birthday coupon (which btw didn’t work on any of these products, I got things for my sister instead) to buy more hair products.

Shampoo Reflets dorés – 3,30€ — I don’t have blonde hair but I like the fact that this shampoo helps me get those golden shine. It feels the same way as the Monoï one but helps to give your hair golden reflects after a few uses.

Volumizing conditioner – 3,50€ – This works really well and lifts my hair (it’s nothing crazy but I can tell), it doesn’t really last until the next day but still makes a difference and I like how it makes my hair look and smell.

Repair conditioner – 3,50€ – I could feel the difference as soon as I rinsed it out. My hair felt super soft and smooth and even when it was dry I couldn’t stop touching it felt so good. My damaged hair from the hot weather and the swimming pool felt brand new just like after a hair cut. If your hair tends to get oily quite easily like mine, I advise you to apply some only on the bottom half of your hair.

Coconut shower gel – 3,50€ –  I also love the grapefruit one and just picked one up for my apartment. Well basically, it does what a good shower gel does: wash your skin and makes it feel smooth and smell great. But what’s great about it is that my skin never feels dry or irritated after using it. With some shower gels, as soon as my skin is dry it feels super itchy and almost rashy from the dryness and I have to apply a body cream asap, but never with this.



Coconut hand cream –   2,95€ – I am obsessed with this. I get dry hands because of how much I wash my hands and the weather of course, but I’ve never found a cream that doesn’t leave my hands slippery and greasy and I hate these feelings. So I usually ignore my flakey hands and just go on with my day… Last year my sister got a hand cream by l’Occitanne and I loved it. The smell was awesome and the cream perfect but the price… I was not ready to pay so much for a hand cream I would use all day long and need to repurchase often. So when I wandered my local Yves Rocher shop and saw these beauties next to the counter I went “ohhh” and the lady said I could try one on. I was gobsmacked by how smooth yet not oily at all my skin was. It was as if my the skin of my hands had absorbed the goodness of the cream but left nothing on the surface but the gorgeous coconut smell. Naturally, I went back on Friday and picked up the mango one of my hand bag…


Yves Rocher also does makeup and skincare, I’ve written about a lipstick and moisturizer as well as an eyeshadow and other shower delights if you want to go have a look.

Have you ever tried this brand before? What are your current favorite products to use in the shower?


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  1. Tama says:

    I love this brand too!! I tried some of their hair products and reviewed them! I really love their low shampoo! 👌😍👌😍👌😍

  2. All the products from the Monoï line smell incredible ❤️

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