The Easy Throw-on Makeup products for People On the Go (& it’s affordable)

February 15, 2017


Hello everyone!

If you are like me, they are always those slow mornings when being exhausted equals being so sluggish that you end up late. These are the makeup products I always grab for when I end up with about 10 min to look presentable and to get dressed and out the door.

— Base

When I am lacking a few hours of sleep, I always use the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I gives a light to medium coverage and gives you the most natural glow on the face that fakes a good night of sleep.It’s really easy to blend and basically takes 2 seconds to look flawless.

For my undereyes, the Rimmel Wake me Up concealer does just what the name suggests. It covers the dark circles while brightening them. It’s really quick and easy to apply so I don’t spend minutes I can’t spear blending.

I always powder my face as I get shiny throughout the day and for that the Bourjois Healthy Mix powder is perfect as it doesn’t end up looking cake-y so you can apply it on without thinking.

To give me more of a healthy natural look, I always put on some bronzer and the Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder is the best, it gives a really natural dimension to my face and spreads really easily.

— Eyes

For my eyebrows, the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Sculpting Crayon & gel is the easiest as it’s the crayon and the brow gel all in one.

I like to put some eyeshadow on even on the go as it makes the whole look more put together. I absolutely love the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h eyeshadow in On and On bronze. The color is so beautiful and still looks quite natural and as it’s a cream formula I can put it on with my fingers and blend it super easily.

For mascara, the Kiko Longeyes + active mascara is my fave. It doesn’t clump my lashes and gives them both length and definition.

— Lips

Usually for my lips I will put some lip balm on and run out the door use whatever lipstick I have on my bag when I get to Uni.


What products you always grab for when on the go?


Hope you enjoyed!

xx Gaby

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2 responses to “The Easy Throw-on Makeup products for People On the Go (& it’s affordable)”

  1. earthtoloz says:

    Bourjois healthy mix and wake me up Concealer are my two go tos! Recently I have been wearing more BB Cream and bronzer just to quickly shove on and go as well. Definitely makes a whole lot of difference! X

  2. Tosom says:

    I just grab my kajal, lipstick and a compact!!! 😜

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