The easy guide to achieving your goals

September 21, 2018

Have you ever gone on a hike whilst tired, or decided to go for a run when you haven’t ran in yonks and just wondered “how the hell am I going to get there?” “how on earth will I be able to get in done?”. Well, mates, welcome to the club. I’m not necessarily talking about any specific goal in this post. Anything you want to achieve is a goal: finishing high school/college/a work experience/a temp job, going after your dream job, going to see a friend abroad when you have travel anxiety, losing/gaining weight, moving abroad, getting a puppy, waking after after along night partying/having a Netflix marathon…

Whatever your goal is, it probably feel far fetched or you feel like you don’t know how to get there – otherwise, why the hell or you reading this, give us your winning recipe! 

The first time I remember really setting a goal for myself was for my high school diploma. I really wanted to graduate with honors (so 70%-80%). I wanted to know that I’d done the best I could and to have a work ethic reflected on my certificate for my higher education schools, and because your gal wanted to feel proud of herself and give herself a good pat on the back. From then on, I started to brew my own little concoction to achieving whatever goals I had in mind – going on an internship to Miami? Studying abroad in the UK? Getting into a good College for my master’s? Getting good internships? 

Along the rode, I’ve discovered what has made a difference and what has led me to a farther down the line success.

Baby Steps

It’s absolutely no use to set yourself big goals that when the deadline approach you will be nowhere near achieving because you’ve set the bar too high. I once saw a report on TV about a man who ran in Europe for months and what he said when the reporter asked him how he had the mental strength to keep going he said “I just set myself little goals, the next road sign, the tree over there, the bench, this café… so that I get there and see that it’s doable, and keep going”.

What I always do is desiccate my plan into small goals. For example for my high school diploma, I made  schedule week per week, half-day by half-day of what I would be studying. I had counted all the chapters I needed to study per subject, their length and difficulty taken into account and how well I had already studied them and scheduled accordingly. I also took added extra time slots if anything unplanned happened and I couldn’t study or for extra time if necessary. I set myself for small daily goals in that case, that I knew could be achieved so that I could feel proud of myself and keep going. Like the running man.

Have a Route B

I’m not saying a plan B. I think that you shouldn’t pursue your goal if it gets too hard or too long to get there, I’m talking about a having a different way of approaching it. Like instead of taking a direct flight that leaves too early for you or that costs too much money, take one with a stopover. It will still get you where you want to go (literally and not-literally) but it will just use a different way of getting there. It doesn’t mean that it’s a failure or that, because route A works for some people and it didn’t work for you, everyone’s different and so is their path.

But please believe in yourself

This one is a tough one for me. I get really highs and really low on this. Some days I’m like “you go girl, you can do it!” and others I’m just “why am I such a failure when everyone’s succeeding”. Well, that’s because it’s life and without the lows we wouldn’t feel the highs as well.

Some days are harder than the others but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, the you cannot get there. It’s just part of the journey and it will make you feel even prouder and like you earned it when you achieve your goal.

Surround yourself with a good support system

No matter what your goal is, make sure that the people around you are the right ones. They must be your best cheerleader, not doubt you, pick you up when you’re feeling low and help you forward. Never listen to the ones that will make you feel bad about yourself or like you cannot do it because, what do they know? The ones getting shiz done will never be the ones saying it can’t be done so turn your back on them. They don’t know what they are talking about.

Work your butt off

It’s tough love sometimes but you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t push yourself 100%. Yes it means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you never thought you would do, but trust me, you’ll feel all the better and prouder for it. When I achieve my goal, no matter the score at the end (if there is one), I make sure to have worked 100% for it so that if I don’t get the score I had dreamed of getting, I know that I did my absolute best and that’s enough for me. Can you imagine getting there and having regrets? Yep, not cool for the self-esteem. Better have remorses than regrets.

Nothing good happens overnight

This one is sometimes hard for me because I can be quite impatient. I want things to move faster so that I can finally get there. But all good things come to those who wait who take the time to do things well and thoroughly. It might take some time, but don’t lose faith or patience, it’s part of the process and it’s what will make you appreciate things even more in the end, it’s like Christmas right? The wait until Christmas day often is sweeter than the day itself.

Yes, I already can’t wait for Xmas.

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