The Brighton Trip – Thoughts & A Serie?

August 27, 2017

Hello everyone!

Who’s the bad blogger… ðŸ‘‹

I am so sorry for being MIA for quite a while now. I did a post for my birthday but other than that, I haven’t really blogged for almost three weeks. Reason being I had a few things going on and my internship report to finish and to be honest, I really wasn’t inspired.

Now, I just came back from Brighton on Wednesday and I am buzzing with ideas and (so) many photos to share with you. I have over 500 photos for our 4-day trip so I will definitely not be able to put them all in one blogpost so I thought, what if I did a series spread over a few weeks about different aspects of our trip (like food, visits, …) OR a   post diary-style (so more like what we did each day). Would you guys like that?


A Quick Overview

For this post, I just wanted to just talk about the overall trip and give you my feedback.

I. Loved. This. Trip.

I had been wanting to visit Brighton for years. First of all because of Zoë aka Zoella and the numerous more bloggers who live there. Everytime they would show the city I would be in awe and wanted to go there so bad. I also loved the idea of a seaside city that is not too big but still offers a lot of things to do,  has some green areas to go on a walk and is close to London.

Brighton didn’t disappoint me. In the slightest.

We woke up on Sunday at 3a.m., got on the plane at 7:10a.m. French time and landed at Gatwick Airport at 7:45 a.m. British time. We took the train from the airport to Brighton and within 30 minutes, arrived at Brighton Station, welcomed by a blue sky. We got so lucky with the weather, the only cloudy day was on Monday and even so, it wasn’t all dark and gloomy. We did all the visiting by foot so in total, we walked 45 km (28.8 miles) in four days, without counting the hours just standing. I think it was the perfect way to visit Brighton, or any city for that matter, because it allowed us to see all the little streets, the beautiful architecture and to talk with more people.


The People

I lived in Birmingham for a year during 2015-2016 and I already knew how nice, polite and charming British people are (in general of course, always the odd cranky person). But this trip just confirmed everything. For example, on the first day, Sunday, we arrived at 9:45 a.m. but only got the keys to the airbnb at 1 p.m. so we walked around for a bit carrying around our suitcases and when we got hungry (mind you, our bodies were an hour ahead), my sister and I stayed close to the beach, ‘hidden’ behind a building with the four suitcases while our mom and her friend went to get some food. Of courses, as usual when my sister blew her nose she started having a nosebleed. And about 2-3 minutes in, a family walked by and the dad stopped with a concerned look and asked us if we were okay when usually people just look away. He saw two young girls (people always assume I am a few years younger than I am) just waiting on their own while one held three bloody tissues and just got worried. Even so, every time we talked with a sales person, a waiter/waitress, or anyone really, everyone was so nice, always in a good mood and very helpful. I’m the type of person who gets teary by people just being genuinely nice and I got a lot of warm butterflies there.


Moving Abroad?

I have been wanting to move abroad for years now. When my boyfriend and I were talking before getting together (7-8 years ago now… oh how time flies) we both knew we wanted to move abroad after our studies. This has not passed (at all) and it is still a conversation we have had regularly over the past few years, and even more now that we will be starting our last year of studies. To be honest, and I really hope I won’t offend British people because I love you guys to bits, but we had a really hard time with the British weather while living in Birmingham and said that we definitely wouldn’t move to England because of that and the repercussions (think super cold homes without double glazing and a £130 gas and electricity bill every month. I think now, two years after, that being on our owns there, poor students as we were, and in the very hard conditions (hello horrible apartment) we were living in that it did affect our perception. But during this trip, I found myself really wanting to move to Brighton. I know – as my boyfriend mentioned as well – that I was only there for four days and a lot of other things have to be considered (like work opportunities), but I am still keeping the idea at the back of my mind… Sometimes you gotta trust your guts. IMG_0504I have loved every minute of this holiday in Brighton. I loved the city, the visits, the people, the views, the food, the architecture, being so close to the sea and the countryside (and London if needed!)… It felt like a breath of fresh air and allowed me to relax after many hard months.

By the way, I am really curious to know where you guys are from! Please live the city and the country in the comments as I love the fact that blogging allows us to reach people from all over the world.



I hope you enjoyed, I think I will do this series but be free to let me know whether you would like it and which you would prefer: a topic-related one or a diary-style one.


xxxx Gaby

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  1. Misabella says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I would love to visit Brighton as everyone says it is an amazing place and my all time favourite youtuber/blogger Marzia lives there 🙂

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