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September 8, 2017


When planning this trip – almost two months in advance – we knew we wanted to make the most of our trip but also make sure not to break the bank. One of the issues of going on holidays on a budget is eating out because it can easily cost an arm and a leg so when we decided to go for an airbnb, we knew it meant we could also eat at home.

Since we were going there for four full days, we decided to eat home when possible – and with the perfect location of our aibnb it was often – but to still treat ourselves reasonably.

Breakfasts –

Since we left home at 3 in the morning for our early flight on Sunday, we got breakfast at the Gatwick train station. We got something from Café Nerro but personally, I was still a bit queasy from the trip and the anxiety of it so I only shared an apple juice with my sister and a delicious blueberry muffin – so good.

Café Nerro Blueberry Muffin - copie

For our last day on Wednesday, as we had to leave the aibnb early we decided not to bother taking breakfast home and having to clean everything, but rather check out early, check our luggages in at a left-luggage office near the station and get a late breakfast in town. Since my sister and I were well-informed on the city, my mom and her friend left us decide where to eat, and let me tell you it didn’t take us long to decide – The Breakfast Club. We were anxious not to get a table but luckily got one. It was so delicious! As the portions were huge we decided to share so we got a Pancakes and Berries & a Salted Caramel Banoffee Pancakes along with lattes. It was all dreamily good honestly.

The Breakfast Club 2

The Breakfast Club Pancakes and Berries and Salted Caramel Banoffee Pancakes

The Breakfast Club Latte

Lunches –

On Tuesday, we decided to check out the top suggestion on TripAdvisor- Brighton Burger. We hunted it down and followed trusty Google Maps to get there. The location was gorgeous and the cook so nice. We got a table outside and ordered four Brighton burgers (with bacon for me) along with skinny fries and sweet potato fries. It was absolutely delicious and just thinking about it I am drooling. Everything was perfect – we were sitting on little tables outside, with a great view, affordable prices and lovely cooks. I highly highly recommend eating there if you live in Brighton or ever visit. Best Burger I’ve ever eaten.

Brighton Burger

Brighton Burger - the Brighton Burger with bacon

Brighton Burgers 3

Brighton Burger 4

On Wednesday, after going to see the Beach Huts and doing some shopping in Boots, we found an Italian restaurant, NuPosto, to eat before taking the train to Gatwick. Bare in mind I ate a pizza in Rome whilst on a school trip there a few years ago, but it was a real Italian pizza. You could see the pizzaiolos cooking in an open kitchen, the waitresses were lovely and the food incredible. My mom treated herself to Pesto pasta, her friend to a delicious salad and they shared mozzarella and toasted bread, my sister got a salad and I got a mozzarella and yellow cherry tomatoes pizza. The best decision ever. It was so good… like so so good.

Ristorante NuPosto

NuPosto Mozzarella yellow cherry tomatoes pizza

Other Well-known Spots and Brighton Specials…


Have you ever been to Brighton (or do you live there) and where have you ate there?

xx Gabrielle

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8 responses to “The Brighton Edit – Where to Eat”

  1. Holly says:

    Ah, some of these places look ace! I’ve been many times – but not for ages! I feel like Brighton Burger is new since my last trip?
    I am not veggie, but the veggie restaurant Terre a Terre has got to be up there for me for the best restaurants I’ve ever been to – beautiful food!
    Glad you had fun!
    Holly xx //

  2. Your Brighton posts are making me so excited to move to London ,so I can go for weekend and day trips to Brighton. I have always wanted to go! Xx

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