The Brighton Edit – What to Do

September 3, 2017

Who hasn’t heard of Brighton? Between influencers, Youtubers and fellow Bloggers living there, no wonder I wanted to explore this gorgeous-looking city!

My sister and I had wanted to visit for like 3-4 years so when my mom offered we did a nice girl-trip for probably my last family vacation (though my dad had to work…) we wondered where to go and Brighton was a the top of our list!

Here are the places you should definitely visit if you go to Brighton:

Brighton Pier 2

The Seaside

Who doesn’t love a good breath of sea fresh air honestly. Brighton has so many things to see and do by the seafront. The Brighton Band Stand, the British Airways tour and the Donut to only mention of few. There is also the wheel but it wasn’t there when we went. But I think my was the Brighton Pier and just walking along the path to look at shops, restaurants and the beach itself. The Brighton Pier is incredible. There are so many rides and amusements, food, great music, and you get to see Brighton from perspective and take loads of pictures.

North Laine

The Lanes & North Laine

I loved the Lanes, the beautiful streets with all its gorgeous shops. It felt so cosy and beautiful to look at. It had so many  beautiful items (that was when I was the saddest to be poor and only have a carry-on suitcase…) and honestly I felt so inspired there. It felt like we were locals just window-shopping and the workers were so nice and chatty.

The North Laine are really narrow, maze-like streets with even more shops, cafés and restaurants.  We went there on Tuesday and back on Wednesday morning and took a lot more photos because it was empty! I love the shops especially Sass and belle, This is not a butcher’s, Card Factory and Choccywoccydoodah just to mention a few.

Royal Pavilion Back

Royal Pavilion & Park

We meant to actually only see the park and go to other museums but in the end decided that if we should do one museum it had to be the Royal Pavilion. And boy were we not disappointed. It was a bit expensive (£11,70 per adult) with an additional £2 for audioguides but it was amazing. We couldn’t take photos there so I’ll only show you the outside but honestly it’s a must-do! It was fascinating and I love that it was furnished and looked like you just stepped in another century. The audioguide was very informative and when I heard people without them assuming things, I was even happier to be well-informed.

Beach Huts Brighton 2

Other things to do…


I hope you enjoyed and leave you with (many) more photos…

Brighton Beach 3

Brighton Pier 3



Brighton Band Stand

Brighton Pier 4

Brighton Pier Rides

Brighton Pier View 4

Brighton Pier View

Brighton Pier at night

Brighton Band Stand

Brighton Beach 2

North Laine 3

North Laine 4

North Laine 5

The Lanes North Laine

Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion 2

Royal Pavilion 3

Royal Pavilion Garden

Royal Pavilion squirrel

Royal Pavilion squirrel 2


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  1. i moved here i loved it so much- love your post x

  2. I live in Brighton, love this post!! xx

  3. Velvet Blush says:

    The Lanes look so quaint! I would love to go there. I didn’t realise that was a museum, it looks amazing x

    Velvet Blush

  4. Cherryl says:

    Aww, that’s a really friendly squirrel!!! I’d really like to see more go Brighton, it’s a really pretty town x

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