The Birthday Edit – Facts & Lessons

August 16, 2017

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday, I have now reached the great age of (just kidding ðŸ˜‚) 23 years old. It feels so crazy, I still remember my 16th, 18th & 21st birthday like it was yesterday but I guess everybody feels that way. Anyway, I had done a Get to know the Blogger: 15 Facts About Me post a few months ago and you guys seemed to really enjoy it so, here I come again on my 23rd birthday, with a few more facts about me, 16 to be precise because I was born on the 16th!

  1. My mother had turned 25 on the 3rd of August when she had me, and my father was turning 25 three days after I was born. This always makes me laugh because we can actually (not that I like to do maths… at all) play around with the numbers: 3+16=19, 19-3=16, 19-16=3… Yeah I know, it’s not that funny.
  2. My second name is Antonia, after my maternal grandmother. It’s a Portuguese name and as my first name quite an unusual one, which is cool, I think.
  3. I was born in Paris – but not like the nice areas really, more of a not really nice suburb well,at the time it was okay. We left Paris when I was 4 and a half to move where I currently live which is where my mother’s family live while my father’s family is in Paris.IMG_1202
  4. I was an only child for 6 years before my parents (finally!!) had my little sister. She was born at 6h35 and I was sleeping at my grandmother’s house while my parents were at the hospital. My godmother who was visiting my grandmother gently knocked on the door when she heard that my sister was born and told me. Apparently I turned to my cousin (who, mind you was 4 months old…) and sleeping soundly that I was now a big sister and that I had waited for her for a very long time. Children…
  5. This one is always a fun one to tell. My father doesn’t need a lot of sleep, he will go to bed and sleeps soundly for 6-7 hours and then he’s up. But mother (and I) love to sleep, so when my baby sister could talk (can’t really remember exactly when) and started waking up, well early she was a baby duh, and call “mamaaaan, je suis réveillééeeeee” (meaning “moooom, I am awaaaaake”), my mom very kindly taught her to call me instead. So every morning like clockwork, she would instead call “Gabyyyyy, je suis réveillééééée” so that I would go get her, get her downstairs and put on Dora the Explorer. She was very serious about that show. Like “if you talk I can’t hear what Dora wants me to do, and it’s very important. But to be honest, I was quite happy to take care of her, I had wanted a sibling for so long and she was so fun to be with.thumb_IMG_5973_1024
  6. My family is quite large, my mother has two brothers and one sister and my dad has 4 brothers and one sister – and each of them have between two to three kids. So I have 16 uncles and aunts and 19 cousins.
  7. Something I have been thinking a lot lately is about friendship. Before entering middle school I had really great friends who were a year younger than me, but middle school was tough. I didn’t befriend girls who made me feel good about myself but rather the contrary and I think I am still dealing with some issues due to that, because these ‘friendship lasted until the first year of high school. Then I met the most amazing best friend ever but due to studying in different cities after high school we didn’t/don’t spend that much time together now. Nevertheless, memories  I have of spending time with her are still some of my best and she still and will always hold a special place in my heart. Since that, I only have what I call ‘school friendships”. It’s not terrible, some friends I really like and make me laugh a lot but it’s friendship that ends with the end of the school year. I guess it’s also why I started this blog, I wanted to be able to share and talk about what I love, as if talking to a friend. Now I feel cheesy so, let’s move on to number 8.Snapchat-9038160671197129013
  8. I think that pizza is my favorite food. I know, so healthy. But there are so many choices and different tastes to choose from that how can someone not like pizza? (Actually one of my cousins does… how can we even be related…)
  9. Book-wise at the minute I am totally into mysteries. I have read every book from Liane Moriarty and her plots are just on point, I finished The Missing on Monday from C.L. Taylor (brilliant) and I am now on the last third of Room by Emma Donoghue in which I get sucked in every time I pick it up.12
  10. Know what is best for you and follow your heart. Nobody can know what you like, why makes you feel good whether it’s activity-wise, food, workout, better than you can. I have learned that listening to your body and your mind is the best way to be healthier mentally and physically, and therefore be happier.
  11. I was born at 10h36 on a Tuesday.
  12. I have been really enjoying the Emma Guns Show podcast during the last weeks of my internship. I loved that each ‘episode’ last around an hour, the longest the better and she always had super interesting guests.
  13. My favorite eyeshadow is a reddish bronze color.
  14. What you eat definitely impacts how you feel so listen to how your body responds to them.IMG_0061
  15. I have been doing my nails for as long as I can remember. Even in primary school I would file them, put nail polish very carefully on and everybody always thought that I was wearing fake nails. As if my parents or any parents for that matter would let a 10-year old get some… I quite enjoy it. I have become a bit more lazy in that regards for the past few years as I have fewer time to take it off, apply two coats plus a top coat, wait for it to dry… So I usually don’t wear anything but still make sure they look nice.
  16. Thanks to you guys with all your likes and lovely comments, I have been feeling way better. I love having a platform to express myself and to discover about everyones passions, loves and hates, activities, life and everything that the blogging world offers.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and hope this wasn’t too boring…

I really appreciate all of you and hope you have/had an amazing day…

xxxxx Gaby

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4 responses to “The Birthday Edit – Facts & Lessons”

  1. Velvet Blush says:

    I picked up the Missing so can’t wait to read that! I love the novels from Liane Moriarty too. Pizza is my fave too! That’s such a funny story about your Sister calling for you in the morning, I have one Sister too xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. Estelle says:

    Big up on us, big up on you and big up on pizza! ❤ Joyeux anniversaire chou

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