The Becca Sunlit bronzer or the perfect summer glow year round

January 18, 2019

Is it just me wishing time to go faster right now so it can be spring soon? I’m already craving more sun hours in the day and actual light that comes from the sun.

Winter months can take a toll on how I look. The bags under my eyes look more prominent and I tend to look a bit too pale for my liking. It’s so easy to look tired, sick or downright sadder in the colder months and that’s why I rely heavily on bronzer at this time of year.

Bronzer is this magic product that helps to shape your face, had color to your cheeks and make you look healthier. And because it’s so gloomy outside most days, I rely heavily on my bronzer to do its magic trick of making me look like I’ve just come off a plane from somewhere heavenly sunny.

Becca Sunlit bronzer in bondi beach 3What it does

And that’s what the Becca Sunlit bronzer does for me. I used to go for matte bronzers just because I like using them as a bronzer and a contour. But as I already have good cheekbones (thanks mom), it’s not really necessary. So I decided to go for a bronzer that would bring back the tan and glow that I miss so much.

Honestly, just the website’s description had me clicking on “put in the basket”: “Like spending a day at the beach without putting a toe in the sand, this neutral bronzer bestows healthy, natural warmth so that skin looks sun-kissed but never orange. With shades inspired by sun-drenched destinations, this beach-themed bronzer is a creamy powder matte with just a kiss of glowing shimmer”. Yes, please make me look like a beach goddess!

The packaging

With the brand’s usual packaging, this bronzer looks very chic. I love the wave pattern inside that oh so reminds me of summer. It doesn’t feel too bulky or heavy which is nice for travelling or putting in you makeup bag for a quick touch-up.

Becca Sunlit bronzer in bondi beach 4

The formula

I was a bit scared when I opened this bronzer for the first time that it was going to be too dark for me. I went for Bronzed bondi which is the 3rd shade out of 5 and as my local Sephora didn’t have it, I had to rely on swatches I looked for in Google image and Pinterest. But as it turns out, it looks great on the skin and it blend very easily so all fear of looking crazy evaporated upon the first trial.

The bronzer helps me look like I’ve got a nice tan on and puts some glow on my face as well. I use it in a 3-shape around my face to help with the tan effect and blend well to avoid any harsh lines.

Becca Sunlit bronzer in bondi beach 2The price

At £27 for 7,1g of product. I would say that it’s an okay price. I don’t think I’m going to hit pan anytime soon and as it’s quite pigmented – not too pigmented though – you don’t need much product.


Final thoughts?

I’ve really been enjoying using this product. It never fails to make me look more awake and healthier without making it obvious that I’m wearing bronzer. It’s a natural, non-cake-y and easy to blend product which ticks all the boxes for me.

Any favorite products from Becca?

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    It looks so pretty

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