The all-natural and vegan Nuud deodorant you NEED to try

August 6, 2019

I’m one of those people that as soon as it’s a bit warm my moustache area starts to sweat. I sweat easily and it’s something that annoys me quite a bit. Mostly because it means that deodorants are a must and that I need to change deodorants often because then the smell just reminds me of sweaty, gross-feeling times.

So when my colleagues told me about Nuud, I was on the computer no more than a minute later ordering a tube. An anti-odorant that is made from 10 natural products and that you only apply once every few days? I’m IN.

I received my tube on June 17th, in a biodegradable cardboard, already a good point. I had ordered June 5th so not too bad for delivery (NL to FR).

Needless to say, I was super excited to test this product. As a sweaty person, the prospect of a deodorant that actually doesn’t smell of anything but doesn’t let bad smells come out is quite something.


Well, now nearly two months later, I’m a convert. I am so in love with this product I nearly had a panic scare when I wasn’t sure I had packed it on our way to Italy. I know.

First off, the texture. This is like nothing I had seen before, it’s a thick white paste that you spread and massage into your armpits after your shower. It’s going to stay a little bit white for a bit, it’s normal, it goes away after it has fully absorbed into the skin.

The smell, well the non-existant smell I should say, is quite a scary factor at first. Me and my colleague often laughed at each other the first few weeks when we’d catch each other smelling our armpits because, it’s so weird at first when you can’t smell anything, not your deodorant nor smell! That’s actually something that has changed my life and I’m not exaggerating. When we had those two heatwaves, I was never scared to lift my arms or be too close to people – and it was 35°C in the office and 40°C outside, so sweating was inevitable. But not scary anymore.

I usually apply it every 3 to 4 days now. I don’t even have a routine, I just apply it when I can tell that it’s starting to “wear off” a bit. To be fair, I haven’t really smelled pure sweat since I started using Nuud. When I can smell something, it’s 10 to 20% of what my pure sweat smelled like before. And I’ve been working out every weekday for 4 weeks and living in a 30 to 40°C climate. Nothing, no smell.

I should add that the Nuud anti-odorant does not stop you from sweating. Sweating is good for you so anti-perspirant are actually bad for your body. It needs to perspire.


Now, the ingredients. What I love about this product is the fact that there are only 10 ingredients in it. Pure, natural ingredients that won’t harm your health, nor the planet. Yes, please!

Here is a little spiel I received in an email from them (I actually read all of them):

“How on earth is it possible to make something more effective than any deodorant out there and be even more harmless at the same time?
Well, it’s actually pretty simple yet pure magic: nuud contains micro silver and micro silver is highly effective in neutralizing the bacteria that causes the unpleasant smell of sweat.
So, unlike deodorants nuud doesn’t need to use (aluminum) salts who block, clog or irritate your skin… Nope, nuud leaves your armpits breathing healthy, while you perspire odor free. For days in a row!!
Days?! Yep, days. Thanks to nuud’s nine other pure, natural ingredients the micro silver stays just where it should be- right under your arms.
Even if you sweat lots, take a shower, do sport or swim: nuud’s oils are water and perspiration proof, so there’s no need to reapply every day. Of course, if you scrub really hard you can scrub nuud off, but after you reapply your happy and fresh for days again.
We’ve also heard back from many nuud lovers who say it works just as well in other body spots where bad smells tend to occur.
Because nuud revitalizes your bacteria system, it sometimes takes a little longer before it starts to work hunky dory. Everyone agrees though; the longer you use nuud the better it gets. On average nuud users are reapplying every three days. And for the lucky ones –just once a week.”


I have yet to buy a new tube, I still have some products in there, probably for another two applications so it will have lasted me eight weeks. Considering it’s 12,5€ for 15ml, it’s not too bad. Honestly, for such a great, environmental-friendly and health-friendly ingredients, I am totally okay with paying more for a deodorant.

Now my friends, what do you think about the Nuud carefree deodorant? Is it something you’re intrigued about? Will you test it out? Let me know!


*not an add, I wish

2 responses to “The all-natural and vegan Nuud deodorant you NEED to try”

  1. Emma Lisa says:

    I always struggle to find a good deodorant in the warmer months and I’ve recently been looking for a natural one. This deodorant sounds like exactly what I’m looking for x

    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      It’s so hard isn’t it. This one is honestly one of my best finds ever, I don’t see myself going back to an ordinary deodorant!
      Let me know how you get on with it if you try Nudd! xx

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