The 8 Female Youtubers You Need To Watch

February 11, 2017

Hello everyone!

I thought today I would change it up a bit and talk about Youtube. As I guess most of you know, Youtube has become an industry of its own and a lot of Youtubers have become famous or are seeing their channel grow. I have been watching Youtube for I would say about 5 years now and I’ve come across some amazing channels. Some are well-known and some are on the rise but all have a fabulous content created by amazing women that have helped me in so many ways.

United Kingdom–


Instagram – The Anna Edit

The Anna EditAnna is fab. She posts about everything from beauty to fashion, lifestyle and fitness. She is so funny and always upbeat and is basically just lovable. I love her vlogs  and overall her editing style. She also has a blog she posts on almost daily and is so informative and has amazing quality photos.


Blog – 

Samantha MariaSam is mostly a beauty and fashion blogger but also posts about her pregnancy and now life with a baby (and what a cute baby). I really appreciate how honest she is and the fact that she touches base on topics like abuse and body image. She also has a blog and created a brand with her fiancé!


Instagram РEst̩e Lalonde

Estée Lalonde – Even though Estée is actually Canadian, well she has been living in London for now 7 years so… Canadian at heart and UK home-based? Estée is the bomb. She is so funny, I love her overall personality as she doesn’t pretend to be perfect and acknowledges herself as a homebody (totally get that). She does beauty videos as well as real-life important topics videos as well as Feminine talks, and lifestyle videos – and she has an amazing blog channel as well as a fab blog and a book called Bloom.

United States —


Instagram – Kathleenlights

Kathleen Lights – Who doesn’t adore Kathleen really. She is a beauty vlogger and has an incredible down to earth, real and adorable personality and she is so damn funny. She always makes me feel better and her content is always amazing. She also created her KatChats video and omg have I cried laughing while watching them. I simply adore her. And she created her own nail polish line called KL Polish with so many unique colors.


Instagram – mariahlleonard

Mariah LeonardMariah is the beauty guru that will help you create the most amazing makeup looks. She knows her sh** and has an amazing sense of humor. Her content is always so informative and her tutorials are always easy to recreate. Her videos always feel so researched and thought through and most importantly honest.

Australia —


Her Youtube channel – Lauren Curtis

Lauren CurtisLauren was one of the first Youtubers I started to follow. She is a beauty guru with an amazing personality. Her makeup looks are to die for and her more casual videos (as well as blogs and Live streams) so fun and relaxing. She is (as all of the previously mentioned) really down to earth and true to herself.


Instagram – Danimansutti

Danielle MansuttiDani is an amazing youtuber. She does beauty and also chatty videos about a subject. Her vlogs are always so beautiful with great views and content. I really appreciate how honest she was about her issues and the fact that she is trying to better herself and be happier by making changes in her life and actually touches base on that in her vlogs.

Canada –


Instagram – allanaramaa

Allana DavisonAllana has an incredible channel with beauty content, amazing tutorials and reviews, fashion videos and her vlogs are one of my faves. She is so damn funny and open that you can’t help but feel like you’re best friends. I love how real and friendly she is. She also has a gorgeous blog and an amazing style.


The main link between these women is that they are being themselves in their videos. They don’t pretend to be perfect but instead open up about their insecurities, their fears, overall life issues and let you know that it’s okay to have flaws.More than that, they are all incredibly funny women who despite it all are down to earth and grateful.The fact that they are so open and real make it feel like in a way you know them a bit and can relate to them. Plus, they are all so damn beautiful inside and out and with or without makeup.

I know the Youtube industry is a debatable subject for some as they feel like the digital industry is full of “fake” people who just want to show themselves. I don’t deny the fact that some Youtubers may be like that, I just think it needs to be pointed out that it’s the same in “real life”. You just have to find the right people and the personalities that “suit” you and will make you feel better for the length of the video and give you information. I know these Youtubers do that for me and are my must-watch-every-freaking-video at the moment.


Hope you enjoyed and will check them out!

Have an amazing Sunday loves!

xx Gaby

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    lovely post, love samantha maria’s youtube page. i am also a skincare blogger dedicated to oily and sensitive skin if you’ll like to check it out at that’ll be great 🙂

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