The 6 Bloggers Who Inspire Me

February 11, 2018

Ever since I’ve started blogging seriously, I’ve had my ups and downs and whenever I feel like I’m not doing things right, that I’m ridiculous compared to other bloggers and I feel uninspired, I go on Bloglovin and go read a few blogposts from bloggers who inspire me.

These bloggers have a way to make me feel comfortable being myself, probably because they are very honest and open up about their struggles. They are women I would love to have as friends because I trust their opinion, I trust their reviews and I love that they share their insecurities and struggles, which is also why they inspire me. Being able to convey this feeling of friendship through their writing and photography is quite remarkable and it really shows that being yourself is definitely important when having a blog.

I love what they stand for and how involved they are in the blogging community and in their own blog. Their blogs are not only a great read, but also beautiful to look at with amazing photography, colors and blog themes to die for.

Jodie Melissa

Jodie’s posts vary from beauty, lifestyle to wedding-related as she is soon getting married. She is working full-time and doing her blog so I love checking out her organization and the behind the scenes’s blogposts as it always gives me a kick in the butt whenever I’m overwhelmed by college studies and find it hard to juggle it all. I love her beauty posts as well as they are always very informative and I trust her judgement so much. She seems to be such a calm down to earth person and I love her writing and photography.


To me, Lauren is the blogger who will always make me feel good. She doesn’t shy away from discussing topics that can be hard to discuss for some people like not liking college and ditching it or her struggle with her skin and I love that, no scratch that, I need that. Whenever my perfectionism gets a bit out of hand I always know I can go to Lauren’s blog and find something that will make me feel better. Her blogposts are informative, I adore her writing style, I love her photography and especially photos of herself, she inspires me to, one day, feel the confidence to take some of myself and she just conveys so much through her photos.

The Anna Edit

Anna is such a babe as she would put it. Of course, she is a quite a big Youtuber and ‘influencer’ as some might say, but unlike others, she feels like a “normal” person to me. She is so down-to-earth, positive and honest that all I want to do whenever I watch/read her is have a good ol’ chat and eat a domino’s pizza in dressing gowns with her. I discovered her channel quite a few years ago now and was instantly hooked, I then discovered her blog and this is actually what made me want to create my own. She writes about everything: beauty, lifestyle, fitness, podcasts she loves, city guides, fashion, homeware, etc… I adore her writing style, she always makes me laugh and feel lighter and how true to herself she has stayed. I just flipping love her.

Bella Inizio

When I think about online people I would love to have as friends, Bella always makes the cut. The fact that she is so honest and deals with topics like perfection online and mental health makes her very relatable and to me, easier to trust. She does amazing honest beauty reviews and gives great advices. Her beauty posts are beautiful and I love that she features herself wearing the makeup, I like seeing the products in action.

Natalie Leanne

Everything Natalie writes about I love. She is a mix of a lifestyle and beauty blogger and I love how relatable she is. She touches base on very varied topics like loving yourself, giving yourself a blogging break and listening to your body which always make me feel better about myself. What always makes me feel good reading her posts is that whichever product she mentions or topic she discusses, I trust her and can always see myself applying her advices because they are easy and reachable.

From Roses

To me, Rebecca is such a big inspiration. Her writing is amazing, her photography is incredible, she has such a varied interesting content and blogs full time. She has such a big following and is very hard-working but always relatable. She is a great example to follow as a blogger and a young woman to work hard and be honest when you struggle. Everytime I start reading one of her posts I always lose myself in them like I would for a good book because of how well-written and beautiful to look at it all is.


And you, who are the bloggers who inspire you the most?



10 responses to “The 6 Bloggers Who Inspire Me”

  1. Qui Talks says:

    Love this! I have bloggers I resonate with as well! 😍

  2. bellainizio says:

    Gal you’ve made my entire evening. Thank you so so much for your kind words, and a massive F YES to being bessies hehe!

    Honoured to be amongst such amazing talent! Keep up your fab writing my love!


  3. Loved this such a cute idea, love your blog, you are doing so well keep up the good work!
    If you have time please check out my blog at

  4. These are all really lovely bloggers!

    Candice |

  5. Genevieve says:

    I checked those blogs out you suggested you spoke so wonderfully of them I just had to see for myself. In doing this I stumbled upon a bloglovin with no content only a link to my wordpress blog ahah! Oh always learning new stuff in the blogosphere! Thanks for sharing!

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