The 5 Inspiring Celebrities

June 28, 2017

IMG_3838Hello everyone!

I feel like with social media, we get to know more about who celebrities truly are. Whatever they post on Instagram, what they write or are written about on Twitter, how they use Snapchat really show what the like  doing, their personalities but also what matters to them. I think it is important for them to be able to use social media to their advantage and to use it wisely. It’s great to see famous people defend causes, speak about important matters and engage with their fans. These 5 celebrities have totally done that on different social medias, over different matters and I thought I would share them with you.

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen –

Chrissy is one of those women who make you laugh and care less. She is so witty, so naturally funny and outgoing. She inspires people to be more open and accepting of their flaws, especially women as she demonstrated when showing a picture of her sitting cross-legged with her inner thighs stretch marks. Not only does it feels so good to know that, no, celebrities are not perfect, but also that she totally owns them. I do have stretch marks from growing up quite fast after starting my treatment and from quick gain weight and, well, I wish they weren’t there but in a way they are part of who I am and seeing her showing them to millions of people without caring what they are going to say makes me feel more accepting of them. I also love how she responds to haters so much. She is known for tweeting back to them with her famous witty comments and how she clashes haters. She has also openly talked about dealing with post-partum depression which is so nice for women who have suffered from it without knowing what it was, or who were ashamed of it. I love that she doesn’t let anybody criticize her without reasons, nor pretends her life is all sunshines and rainbows but that she is/has dealt with her own issues.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson –

I think like everyone, I know Emma from Harry Potter so I saw her grow up and I have to say, I loved her then and I love her now. It’s funny but I feel like in a way, she is very much like Hermione is some ways. I say that because in the 4th book, Hermione decides to start fighting against the House Elves slavery’ and in real life, she is also fighting for a really great cause which is female equality. She is now a UN Global Goodwill Ambassador and I  think she is a real representation of our new generation of women who are fighting for themselves, more determined as ever to make things change and to achieve great things. She also graduated from Havard which is quite amazing for an actress to diverge from her career to study. She studied English Literature and I believe this is what lead her to become the book fairy’ as she is called, leaving books (usually books written by female authors) everywhere she goes in meaningful areas. I think this is quite amazing for her to be so passionate about this topic and reading that she totally gets involved in so many different ways.

Something quite amazing about her as well is the fact that she totally supports organic clothes to the point that she only gets organic brands for her events dresses. Some people wouldn’t go to that extent but she is so passionate and whole that everything she can do for a cause, she will do.

Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards - ArrivalsDemi Lovato –

As she started on Disney Channel, I have known of her for quite some time. I always loved Demi and felt so bad for her when starting to hear that was dealing with mental health issues. After getting out of rehab, she was so open about what she struggled with and so determined to help other people. Her following album was so powerful and she soon became a mental health activist. Pretty much at the same time, she started to talk about how the industry because of the pressure of the ‘perfect body’ she had an eating disorder and how hard it was on her. She started to workout and overall be healthy and was a true example of accepting yourself and taking care of your mental and body health. She has a few tattoos that are so meaningful like the ones on each of her wrists saying “Stay / Strong” to remind her of when she used to harm herself. She has recently collaborated with Fabletics on a athleisure clothing line that encourages women to be strong.

Shay MitchellShay Mitchell –

I think everybody knows Shay from PLL in which she plays (soon played, L ) Emily as she starts her journey of discovering herself and the fact that she is gay. I think for her to be so open about homosexuality and about the fact that it is normal and doesn’t change who Emily is because she is gay is was amazing. It must have been so nice for young teenagers or even older women (gay or straight) to see a gay character without her being portrayed as a tomboy or other clichés but rather as a loving, caring, athletic, beautiful, sweet young woman.

Shay is also really active on social media and also has a Youtube channel. This enables her to post about her daily life, her love for food, her fitness sessions, whatever topic she wants, her travels, her experiences, etc which is a real open door on celebrity life. It’s easier this way to really get a peek into their lives and to see that they are normal people and work hard for what they have. Plus she is super positive all the time and so funny. She is so positive that it is contagious and makes you want to see life differently but also to work hard for what you want. She has been very open about her hard work to get where she is today and Sammy, her hilarious assistant says that she is a total workaholic. Well, it definitely paid off. You go, Shay.

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez–

Selena is one of my favorite celebrities. Like Demi, I know her from Disney Channel and mostly from The Wizards of Waverly Place, and then from her other movies and music and I just love her as a person. She is one of those people who are beautiful inside and out. She is so honest, real and open about her struggles and as a real care for people. She is grounded and though she had her own issues, always stayed herself and let people know that she is a normal person that feels and struggles. I like that about her, how she does not pretend to be perfect though everybody seems to think that she is. Of course, she is really beautiful, funny and everybody seems to like her but she didn’t stop to that but rather focused on doing work that truly spoke to her like the movie The Fundamentals of Caring and, as everybody must know now on 13 Reasons Why for which she struggled for 4 years to make it happen.

She has been diagnosed with lupus a few years ago and opened up about it, how she felt, what she had to do and the need for her to take care of herself. It is quite a serious illness and the fact that she spoke about it in magazines and television must have helped a lot of women to feel like they are not alone.

I don’t think all celebrities are that inspirational, but these 5 women have showed that their influence and social media can be used for good causes and to speak up.

Do you have a celebrity that currently really inspires you? I’d love to know.

Hope you liked it!

xoxo Gaby

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  1. Sophie says:

    I really enjoyed this – it was so nice to read something focusing on the amazing things that these women do and stand for when usually so much is written about their looks, or their love lives, or their outfits. Chrissy is hilarious and I absolutely loooove Emma Watson! Sophie xxx

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