The 4 European destinations I always recommend

August 19, 2019

Oh hi there, happy Monday beautiful. Am I a bit mean for posting a travel post on a Monday morning? I hope not… Hopefully it might just push you to book a well-deserved trip. Please don’t hate me.

“Where should we go next” is a question my mother often asks me when she and her friend want to go travel somewhere. Not to blow my own trumpet but she always comes back absolutely in love with the destination I recommended so I guess my list is pretty good? You’ll tell me.

I have been lucky to go travelling to a few cities in Europe – some several times – and I fell in love with most of them. There is something about how different in terms of architecture, way of living, vibe and mentality European cities can be that makes me so in love with traveling there. Each part of Europe and each country (and even cities within the same country) is so unique and full of history it makes discovering them like a travel back in time and discover a different part of yourself in a way. But I digress, here are the 6 European destinations I always recommend:


Ô Rome… I fell in love with this city many years ago, 8 years ago to be exact, during a high school trip. Full of historical buildings and remains, it’s the city to travel back in time. Every part of the city is a place to visit, just walking in the street is sight-seeing. There are landmarks you must see but honestly just walking around will take you somewhere incredible. Favorites were the Coliseum, Sistin Chapel and the Vatican City.


I was lucky enough to visit Prague twice. And I loved it even more the second time. The architecture of this city is what I always remember first of my two trips there. It’s a jump back in time, every street is beautiful. The Old Town is my favorite part of the city, especially the astrological clock area. The language and name of streets and areas take some getting used to, but it’s so worth it. I’d go back any day.


As a whole, the U.K. holds a special place in my heart. I’ve studied in Birmingham for a year and visited London 4 times and it’s still a destination I want to go to every time I plan a trip away. It’s a city that makes my heart burst with happiness and love. There is so much to do, so many thins to see and visit and such a good vibe to it. It feels like a home away from home. Favorites areas are Covent Garden and Westminster, I’m dreaming of visiting Notting Hill one day.  I want to go back so bad…


Buda and Pest. We were only there for a couple days during a school trip to Eastern Europe but I’ll forever remember this city. The foreign name of streets, the amazing bridge that separates Buda and Pest, the view from the Castle district, the termal baths, the absolutely delicious Goulash that I can’t help salivating about whenever I think about it. The many kilometers we walked, taking it all in, Estelle teaching me a bit of German (that I can still remember!) in anticipation to our stay with my Czech penpal’s family.


On my to visit list:

4 responses to “The 4 European destinations I always recommend”

  1. Emma Lisa says:

    Prague and Budapest are on my travel bucket list – I’m hoping I’ll get round to visiting them next year! x

  2. Amber Atlanta says:

    I visited Rome back in June and completely fell in love. The way you described it as walking back through time, couldn’t be more true!
    Amber |

    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      It’s crazy how the architecture and vibe of the city can make you travel in time. I’d love to go back soon, it’s been too long! xx

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