The 3 from Cult Beauty that have been Helping with Breakouts

novembre 26, 2019

We all get those. These little pesky little annoying zits that creep us on us during the night or even dare to make an appearance during the day. During the past three months I would say, my skin would start to break out inexplicably (well, it might have been the result of a digestive system problem) and it would take weeks for the scaring to go away completely. No matter how religious I was drinking a ton of water or making sure to do masks a couple times a week and take my time with my skincare, the little buggers would stick around.

So I turned to the internet to advise me, as a good millennial girl would do.

I found that my skincare routine was lacking salicylic acid in order to prevent and target breakouts. So there I was, browsing Cult Beauty on the hunt for good products to help. I had heard of Sunday Riley on different Youtube channels and blogs and was very keen on testing out some of their products. I went for the Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil first. Infused with 1.5% of salicylic acid it is said to help battle blackheads and breakouts, and to brighten and reduce post-acne discoloration. It contains tea tree and cumin seeds oil which both help with bacteria, but also neroli and chamomile to help calm redness. With cucumber and milk thistle, it maintains moisture levels up so your face feels « plump » and dewy.

Upon the first trial, I could tell that my face felt plumper, looked dewy in the nicest way and felt… calm? Is that even possible…? After a few weeks of using it twice a day, I could tell it helped my scarring to go away more quickly and without looking so red in the process. Even though I haven’t noticed my blackheads reducing annoyingly – one of the results I was so excited about – I do think it’s been helping my skin to feel better and look better. I haven’t had as many breakouts and they haven’t been as bad as before.

I also wanted to try an exfoliant with salicylic product to target those bad boys even more. Initially, I was going to pick the 2% salicylic acid solution by the Ordinary but it kept being out of stock, so instead I went for the Paula’s Choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant with salicylic acid. I’ve gone for the 30ml version to start with and I’ve been very happy with the results. Aimed at congested, oily and combination skin, it’s said to unclog & shrink enlarged pores and smooths and even skin tone.

I use a reusable organic cotton pad to apply it all over my face at night and I can tell it has really helped. I’ve used it separately to the Sunday Riley oil as well to make sure and it’s been great. I also find that targeting growing pimples with this as been a massive help in making those bad boys disappear before really growing – or actually growing more quickly to get.them.out.and.away. So as soon as I find a pimple growing under the skin, I’ll do usual night skincare and use my finger or a biodegradable Q-tip to put some directly on top of the beast.

My skin as been looking brighter, clearer and plumper ever since including them to my daily routine. They are also super easy to pack so I’ve never had *gasp* separate myself from them since getting them.

To test out something else from Paula’s Choice, I picked out her Pore Normalizing cleanser for blemish-prone skin. Super gentle and gel-like, it reminds me of the Fresh soy face cleanser. It’s been great at getting all the gunk out of my pores without stripping my face out. I took it to Paris for our trip and it felt amazing to get all the makeup residue and pollution out of my skin.


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