The 2017 Version of Self Care

October 13, 2017


For years now, we’ve been hearing about how important it is to treat/pamper yourself. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath whilst watching a TV show or reading a book, going shopping or pampering yourself, self-care has been a main subject for a few years now.

As much as I think that it really is important to make sure to take some ‘me’ time in order to remain sane, I think it’s also super important to take care of yourself in another way.

It’s the little things…

It usually takes me about 1h10 to get ready. For some people, this is way too much and they’d rather spend more time in bed. I totally agree and make sure to go to bed early so that I’ll have at least 8 hours of sleep. However, I do enjoy my morning routine and taking my time to appreciate drinking my green tea (no more coffee for this anxious girl…), having a good breakfast whilst scrolling Instagram and absolutely love not to rush when I apply my makeup. For me, this is a routine of self-care. These moments helps my mind to slowly wake up and prepare for the day ahead.

Having your favorite snack, drinking one of your favorite teas or baking can be an act of self-care. For me, it’s all about the little actions that will help me to be calmer, more in control and appreciative that I consider acts of self care.


Talking about training your mind…

A lot of people consider pampering like a real treat and I’m one of them. Taking a bath, painting my nails or putting on a face mask are things I enjoy doing and helps me to take care of myself. But they mainly work on the outside part of yourself and self-care should also be taken in consideration.

What I mean by that is that in order to care more about you, you should care less about what you don’t like about you. Instead of criticizing your own body or face overtime you step in front of a mirror, consider instead what you like about them instead. I am very much guilty of focusing on what I think looks bad and it can really affect my overall wellness. I will feel uncomfortable in my clothing, obsess about what I eat, feel like people are staring at what I hate… and the circle is endless. Needless to say, it does not help at all. Instead, I try to give more focus on what I like and be more positive on what I don’t.

I’ve always had body issues. Because my thyroid self-destroys instead because of the Hashimoto disease, I was always very aware of my body from a very young age – I would say 8 years old. My tummy would look like one of a toddler, I wasn’t growing and with the years going, whilst everything got under control, struggled at times with my height (5’0,5) and the fact that my slow metabolism didn’t help me to look like a model. I really try instead to think that I’m healthy, I can walk, talk, move, breathe and go to school. I don’t like my arms, stomach and inner thighs but instead I try to feel better by working out, trying to be more careful about what I eat and just appreciate my body. My stomach is not flat? It should be okay. I don’t have a thigh gap? Well, okay then. It doesn’t always work, but I think training my mind to think more positively should help a lot in making this thinking a reflex.

Be Aware of What You Love or What Makes You Feel Good and Do It More

I think self-care comes also from taking care of yourself by doing thing you love. I was talking about this with a friend yesterday and we both agreed on how important it is not to feel compelled to do things other people think is cool. For example, I don’t like going out to parties and clubs. For the longest time I thought that there was something wrong with me, that I was a grandma, when in an actual fact, it’s just that I love being cosy at home under a fluffy blanket watching Netflix and reading a book before going to sleep at 11pm. I don’t enjoy coming home in the wee hour of the morning. It’s just not my thing. And it’s okay.

For example, I am not necessarily a huge fan or running. But I know that once I’m there and after 10 minutes or so, I actually feel better. I feel motivated, stronger, the music and scenery make me feel better and most of all, I feel better afterwards and the next day, so I keep doing it because I know my body and mind thank me for this. And that’s how I take care of myself.

Do you agree? What do you like to do to take care of yourself?

xxx G

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  1. I loved this, it’s so important to put yourself first and love yourself. Self care can be such a hard thing to do but it really does make you feel so much happier. Xx

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