Summer Holidays 2016: Portugal!

July 31, 2016

Good morning everyone!

Today I have a holiday post for you! This year, my family and I decided to go to Portugal, the home country of my entire family. I hadn’t been for seven years an my parents and sister for two years so I was pretty excited to go and bring my boyfriend with us, so that he could discover the country.

We left on Friday 15th at 4 a.m. as our flight was at 7 a.m so that we could still make the most of the day. We landed at 8:40, collected our luggage, got in our rental car and arrived at 11h30 a.m. at my grandparents’s house. Long story short, my mother’s parents and my dad’s parents are neighbors in Portugal, which is how my parents met. The four of them live from October to May in France and the rest in Portugal.


In all honesty, it was an amazing holiday, I really got to relax and enjoy myself, we didn’t have internet, only wi-fi if we went to the café next to my paternal grandparents’ house. It   was quite different at first, being used to have internet access all the time but it turned out that it enabled me to totally be in the moment and enjoy playing cards with my family, playing in the pool, talking with my family and visiting a bit.

20160717_152633It was reaaally hot the first 4 days, reaching 41°C in the afternoon so we really made the most of the pool and playing cards in our makeshift hut and reading books. Luckily it didn’t last and went down to 30°C so we were able to visit a little bit. My godmother’s family arrived on Monday so on Tuesday night we went on the highest point of the city to see the sunset and get some ice cream. The next day we went to the beach and spent the day on the sand, walking around and watching kids play Pokemon Go 😉

Snapchat-7402530240341099573 Snapchat-4843162049207701909.jpg


On our last day, we made the most of our grandparents and played cards a bit while celebrating my cousin’s birthday!  We got back home on Friday 22nd after a good week of relaxing! I leave you with some photos from our holidays and hope you enjoy! Snapchat-1508181368933505511















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