Share the Love – Some of my favorite posts of October

November 3, 2017

Share the Love - OctoberI’ve had the craziest few weeks. I am currently on my Autumnal “week break”, and I insist on the importance of the inverted comas here, because I feel like I’m even more busy than when I have classes.

But one think that makes a great down time is reading blogposts. Oh how obsessed I am with blogging… I enjoy so much being able to learn about a product, a person, their life, perspective and passions through their blog and posts.

Again this month, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite posts of the months. Again, I really have to downsize and pick only a few ones because you’d be here for the next few days otherwise… So here they come, a few of my favorite bloggers and one of their amazing posts of the month.

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Jodie MelissaBeing in A Long Distance Relationship

Jasmine Talks Beauty –  The Sunday Catch-Up & Current Lifestyle Favorites #7

Petite ElliePraising the Best & Forgetting the Worst – Why I Love my Job

Sophie CliffA Little Reminder

LoulabelleroseA Week in My Life – Blogging & Full Time Work

Hannah HeartssNew Skincare I’m Using

Laura’s Little LocketHow I’ve Got Happier With Age

From RosesEverything That I Use, Wear and Do On A Daily Basis AKA A Written Vlog

It’s Lauren VictoriaHow to Be More Involved In Blogging

Bex FayeThe Downsides of Being A Blogger

Natalie LeanneEverything Takes Time

The Little PlumMy Love/Hate Relationship With My Phone

Tansy Pansy blog5 Tips for Having Confidence in the Gym


Here you have it, 12 of my numerous favorite blogposts of the month, go check them out and subscribe for more amazing content from them, you won’t be disappointed.


Do you have any recommendations on bloggers you think I’d enjoy reading from?


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