Realizing there is no later, only a following of todays to work towards my goals

November 21, 2018

I’ve always been the kind of person to set a lot of goals. Some are more short terms, some are life goals, career goals and experience goals. I have to admit that some goals involve getting out of my comfort zone and that scares me. I always think to myself « when I’ll be more comfortable with that, it’ll all work out » but how can I get comfortable if I never start ? How can it happen if I always plan to do it tomorrow and never realize that tomorrow is another today ?

I grew up thinking that future me would be so much more confident, successful in her dreams (hopefully) and have everything figured out. Well, it doens’t happen overnight now does it ? You don’t wake up one day feeling like nothing can get you down and you can achieve anything, you need to work on it. I guess I always knew that at the back of my mind but it only really really resonated with me lately. I keep waiting for big changes when I know deep down that they will only take place if I take the plunge and go for it. At some point, you’ll need to do something that scares you or makes you feel a bit uncomfortable at first to progress.

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Every day, I try to put myself in a « successful » mode. It’s nothing crazy but I know how much of a bad effect anxiety and, I’m afraid to admit it, depression can have on my mindset. So, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, I try to stay positive or at least not to go backwards into negative, unproductive thoughts and just be my own little cheerleader. Even if nothing major happens that day, even if I don’t end up doing as much or as well as I wanted to, I do my best to stay positive.

When I hear people talking about successful people, people who’ve « made it » in there field of work, they seem to forget that it did not happen overnight. They’ve spent years working their butts off, stepping out of their comfort zone and basically being the boss of their life. But because we only see the end result, it’s easy to forget that we did not witness the behind the scenes, the hardwork, the struggles, the moments of despair, the breaking points, the lightbulb moments

And so we need to remember that. That there is no « futures selves », no « when I’ll do that », it’s about doing the work now, doing the scary steps today, and being confident in the fact that you can do anything you put your mind to anytime.

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  1. Todaysouhaila says:

    I loved reading this post,so motivating and inspiring.I totally agree with what you said x

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