Quick & easy red berries verrines recipe for any occasion

May 30, 2019

Summer is on its way, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining… it’s time for making red berries verrines!

For Mother’s Day, last Sunday, my sister wanted to make a dessert but unfortunately, but didn’t have all the ingredients to make a berry cheesecake. So after a bit of research and as we wanted something cold and easy to make, we decided to make some dessert verrines. We usually make savoury verrines (tzatziki, cucumber and salmon is one of our favorite options) so this was a first sweet trial and spoiler alert… it went really well!

We switched up the original recipe quite a bit to adapt it to the ingredients we had and the dessert turned out to be incredibly good! When I asked some of you on my instagram if you’d like a blogpost on the recipe, lots of you said yes so here it is!

This dessert is super easy to make and very quick as there is not oven needed. I think overall it took us 45 minutes (including the cleaning up) because we we laughing so much and on sugar high.

The dessert is composed of 4 layers and here are the ingredients you’ll need:

We used one pot of mascarpone and it made 5 verrines, the rest is adjustable.

We started by crumbling some biscuits but still keeping them a little big to get this nice crunchy texture. This will be the first layer of the verrine.

To go on top of the biscuits, whisk some mascarpone with a bit of sugar as it can be a bit sour. Then spoon it on top of the biscuits and with a little rounding motion, spread it.

We then opted for strawberry jam to add on top of the mascarpone to add a touch of sweetness – and deliciousness. We watered it down a little bit to make it easier to spread.

To go on top, we went for red berries cut in small bits and added the spread on top.

Then do these four steps a second time and you’re done!

You can now put these in the fridge for a couple hours and they are good to go! My mother (and all of us) was super happy and we had such a nice afternoon  eating this on our terrace on this hot sunny Sunday!


Photos are from my sister @snowlaura on Instagram

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