Podcasts I am Currently Obsessed With – And trust me the obsession is real

July 5, 2017

Hello lovelies!

Commuting is starting to be harder and harder every day. I am getting more and more tired (and sleep is sometimes not an option for my brain apparently) so driving for 45 minutes straight early in the morning and back again every late afternoon when you get that tiredness kick in is sometimes a struggle. But when two of my fave Youtubers TheAnnaEdit and LilyPebbles came out with a podcast… I was like “This could be a new pass time in the car!” and I am now obsessed with them. They make the journey go way faster, they “educate” me on some facts, they touch base on topics I love and make it feel like I am listening to a bunch of friends basically. Here are the ones I am listening to


At Home With by TheAnnaEdit and Lily Pebbles

I loooove it!! Basically it’s the two of them going at the house of their guest and discussing a few topics about the person’s achievements, home, life etc I love how laid back but professional it is at the same time. I love learning about people and this is perfect. Plus their guests are so amazing like Jo Elvin, KateLavie, the co-founder of Cult Beauty, the founder of ByTerry and more

Speaking of Jo Elvin


Hey, It’s Okay by GlamourUK

Jo Elvin is the Editor in Chief of GlamourUK and along with a couple members of her staff, each week she interviews a person and asks them a “is it okay.?” Question. I love it! It is like listening to a chat between friends, it is liberating and so down to earth. There is no sugar coating their life, but being pretty honest and straight forward which I love. It is also so funny and real talk about random subject/is it okay questions but that can also be pretty important.

IMG_5632Potterless by Mike Schubert

Potterless is a podcast by a 24-year-old who has never been into Harry Potter, knows bits and pieces of the storyline and basically is not a real hard core fan (like I am). He reads a few chapters beforehand and discusses the main storylines and points some facts with a hardcore Harry Potter fan (which is usually well-known like an Instagrammer or other Podcaster). I love the contrast between the two with on one side the hard core fan/I am obsessed and there’s nothing you can do about it and on the other the I don’t really know much about a children’s book/I will pinpoint any funny lines or anything that I find fishy or what I think will happen. It’s so fun to listen to.


The Emma Guns Show

I have started listening to this only two weeks ago but I totally love it! I love that it starts with a little beauty chat and then goes on the “interview” with the guests. I really enjoy listening to their opinions, stories and just feels like it’s very real and honest and touches base on any subject. I also love that it usually last about 1h15 minutes!! I love a long chat. Already obsessed.


What I plan on listening to next

Jules and Sarah The Podcast

Ctrl Alt Delete

The Lively Show


Now that I have (finally!) discovered the world of podcast, I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with them. It makes my commutes so much more enjoyable, I learn more about people, experiences, myself as well and it makes time fly!

Do you have any Podcast recommendations for me? I really would love to expend my knowledge of the amazing podcast world!

Hope you enjoyed!

xx Gaby

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