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novembre 15, 2019

The city of lights. Paris…

I find it tricky to describe cities. Every city is unique by its history, its inhabitants, its culture, its food and its vibe. There is no two same cities and that’s why traveling is so important to me. The words is so rich of places and experiences that I feel like you just have to visit a place to truly grasp its richness and maybe, leave a little piece of your heart there, and carry this memory with you forever.

Our 3-day trip to Paris last weekend will be one I’ll hold close to my heart forever. We had been wanting to visit our friends for a long time and so being finally able to go and them being kind enough to have us over meant that we spent three days enjoying spending time with them, eating, laughing, walking around the city, visiting Disneyland and eating some more. Gosh I’m still daydreaming about the food we ate there.

And because it’s impossible for me to make you see what I saw during this weekend, I feel like photos might speak louder than words.

So here it is, the City of Lights in photos. Enjoy…

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