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September 10, 2017


I spend a lot of time online. I mean like 90% of my free time. Whether it’s watching a Youtube video, checking out new blog posts on Bloglovin, my WordPress feed or watching something on Netflix (hello new Gilmore Girls addiction), checking out Instagram or Twitter I always need to have a good internet connection to function.

But I have my moments of not finding anything that really interests me online and feeling not so inspired, but after being more of a reader last month, I have felt back in love with the online world again. I thought today I would share with you the Youtube channels and other famous people who made me fall back in love with my trusty Internet connection.

The Vloggers

The Michalaks

The Michalaks – I have mentioned the Michalaks before but I honestly flipping love them.  I enjoy so much their Sunday video as their editing is on point and they are so funny and genuine. Following their move to Bath and Hannah’s pregnancy and the birth of her second baby has been a huge pleasure, I always save their video for a special me-time moment and without fail feel so much better afterwards.

InthefrowInTheFrow – Victoria is the sweetest most beautiful person ever. There, I’ve said it. Not only is she an awesome vlogger but she also is an amazing blogger. She has a dreamy Instagram and always comes across as genuine and upbeat. I admire how hard-working she is, she sets a true example of what a girl-boss is – not necessarily someone who owns a company and earns a ton of money, but a woman who sets goals, accept opportunities and work her ass off to get where she wants to be without putting anybody down whilst still being grateful.

The Anna EditThe Anna Edit – Anna is my happy person. Anytime I click on one of her videos or blog posts I feel happy. She is a true example of a beautiful inside and out person. Unlike some  people who make you feel bad (without intending too!) about your life, your appearance or your career, Anna is one of these people who inspires. Her channel is amazing, her blog is a dream, she is always smiling, she seems to be an amazing friend, relative, wife and sure is an amazing businesswoman. I adore hers and Lily’s podcast At Home With and now am obsessed with her new newsletter. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future.

Hello OctoberHello October – I  had come across Suzie’s Youtube channel a few years ago but for some unknown reason I wasn’t subscribed. I follow I Covet Thee, whom I love, and after seeing a vlog where Suzie made an appearance I went on her channel and subscribed. And  binge-watched for hours and days and weeks. I love Suzie, she has amazing content, she is always in a good mood and honest if something is wrong. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect or have a perfect life but rather is honest and I love her vlogs.

Samantha MariaSamantha Maria – Sam is one of my favorite people ever. She is one of those people to whom you can relate and feels like friends. She is always so honest about her life, her job, how life is as a new mum and how she feels. She is so beautiful inside and out and is a amazing inspiration as well. She works on her channel, blog, the clothing line she created with her husband at the same time as taking care of 9-month old little Indie Rose (the cutest baby ever) which is crazy.


Other Amazing Things

81a58d2b2cbe5acce762de3b6463e32fThe Riverdale cast – I love Riverdale! The actors are amazing and the series is so addictive. I follow the actors on Instagram and I have to say they are hilarious as well.

atypical-netflix-serie-autismeAtypical – I found out about this new original series from my sister and it was so good! I finished it two days. The actors are so good and I love that it talks about a disease that is not spoken of enough.

What online channels or series have you been loving recently?

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  1. Holly says:

    Oooo I just couldn’t get into Atypcial – really didn’t do it for me!
    Holly xxx ///

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