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April 22, 2018

Happy Sunday! The sun is shining, the air is hot, birds are singing and I’m so damn happy (and hot, really hot).

As the weather hadn’t been so good before, I had been filling my time with a bit more online things. Here are some of my favorite online pastimes recently.


Though keeping up with blogs I love has been put on the side for the past few weeks, when I go check out these bloggers, I always end up reading so many posts from them and feeling inspired.

Just looking at their Bloglovin page makes me so happy. I love their writing style, they have a way of making everything sound so interesting and natural at the same time. Their photography and editing are just incredible. They have a way of making simple photos look stunning. I’m just obsessed.  Here are their blog link and social platforms.


Sophie rosie – 




Plus, she launched a new website called “Girls in Work” and you should definitely go have a look and subscribe.


Kelly Prince Writes 





Little Thoughts blog






We’re the ladies – Love, love, love it! It’s casual but informative, Carrie and Julia have so much personality and honestly it feels like listening to friends talking. It’s my Tuesday (time difference issue) ritual. And I’ve already listened twice to all episodes I love it that much.

The fringe of it – I’ve love listening to Liv and Charlotte, they always touch base on important topic and I love hearing about what they have bought and watched lately.

Random Podcasts I’ve Been Loving & Episodes About Online People I’ve Loved 

Make it Happen – 24 Mar – Rebecca Warriner From roses

Keeping it Candid – Ep 14 – Chloe Plumstead

Made Online – Episode 17 – Vix Meldrew

Is it Just me – 17 April – Tanya Burr

The Emma Guns show – 8 April – Clemmie Hooper

The One Girl Band Podcast –  031 Anna Newton (The Anna Edit)

Keeping it candid – Ep 24 with Sammi Maria

TV shows

Prison break – After Narcos, my boyfriend and I needed a new show to watch on Netflix when we eat and I just told my boyfriend to choose one. At first, when he told me what he had chosen I was skeptical, but go I am so happy he did. I am so into it, I love the characters they have so much charisma and every episode is compelling and the story line is so good, I never get tired of it, each episode is unpredictable. We are at the beginning of season 4 and I’m already sad it’s going to be ending soon.

Friends – Can you believe I had never really watched Friends before? I know. I love it so much. It’s so light, funny, witty, the characters are amazing. I never skip the opening credits, the music makes me so happy. Every time I watch an episode I feel so happy after. I’m so happy there are so many seasons so I don’t have to worry about finishing it anytime soon (I’m on season 3).


Dua Lipa – I was shopping online one day (oops) and found myself listening to all of her music on Spotify and got so obsessed! I adore her voice and style, her songs are so good. She is such a great artist.

Camila Cabello – Obsessed. As soon as her album was released on Spotify it was all I was listening too. Her tone of voice is incredible, she has so much style and I love her lyrics. I love that she mixed so many styles of music and is so unique. And, she is the cutest most beautiful thing ever.


What have you been loving recently?

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  1. I’m not too much of a fan of TV shows, but I recently discovered a niche of food shows on Netflix recently. If you like foodie shows with a light-hearted feeling, I would recommend “Someone feed Phil” and “A Family Cooking Showdown”. Very different than those “master chef” style. I wrote about them on my blog 🙂

    -Melissa xo’

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