October To-do List & What I’m Excited For This Season

October 5, 2018

If you follow me on social media (here is my Instagram and my Twitter links if you fancy having a little look), you’ll know how excited I am about October. This month is one of my favorites because it’s the dawn of a very exciting time of the year.

The leaves turn red, orange and brow, we can go back to wearing jumpers, cute not too thick coats and the fall colors are back in. October is also for me the start of Autumn (and October 1st has literally been the first day of autumn here in Grenoble, it happened overnight) and that equals teas, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, blankets, cute slippers, crips mornings but warmer afternoons, bronze and burgundy eyeshadows, darker lips and feeling super cozy in bed. And it makes me so happy.

To celebrate the start of an amazing month, here are a few things I want to do and what I’m looking forward to this month.

I need to…

Buy presents. October usually is the month of getting ready for November in terms of birthdays because both my sister and my boyfriend were born in early November. I have a few options for my sister – but won’t tell you ’cause she may be reading this – but none for my boyfriend. Story of my life.

Find a job. The pain of my existence currently. I’m doing a few hours for the organization where I did my internship but it’s only until I find something permanent. I’m so annoyed every time I look at a job offer and they ask for years of experience, like how can you expect someone with experience if you don’t allow them to get experience, huh?

I’m excited for…

Cinnamon rolls. Last year, my sister and I baked some and they were so delicious that now I’m craving some. I mean cinnamon, brown sugar and dough? yes, please.

The leaves. Is that weird? I love when the color of leaves change, it makes the landscapes look so beautiful and rich in colors.

Cozy nights. I’m a total homebody and I adore lying on the couch in the evening, under a fluffy blanket with a tea watching something on my laptop. I’ve already got my blanket out and I’m ready to chill.

Going shopping. I love autumn fashion so this is something I’m very excited for. However, my bank account being quite low at the moment, it’s not happening anytime soon but if you fancy a look at what I’ve been loving, I have an autumn wishlist post up for you.

Halloween. Well, this is totally not in the sense that you may think. Here in France, Halloween is not very big, very few children actually do it and myself have only gone trick or treating once as far as I can remember. But I love watching what everyone is dressed up as and the decoration. Something I won’t be able to do this year unfortunately on the day will be how my sister and I spent Halloween night doing last year: watching the French bake-off under blankets whilst eating m&m’s and sweets in our pjs. Da best. Hopefully we’ll do it during her birthday weekend *fingers crossed*.

Blogtober and Vlogtober. It’s month of the year where I’m juggling catching up with  all of the blogtober posts and vlogtober videos and I’m not mad about it. I love reading and watching new content, especially all about October…


What are you excited for this month?

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  1. Loved this post Gabrielle! Cinnamon rolls and cozy nights are the best! good luck with finding a job love! xxx

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