New Month, New Beginnings…

April 6, 2018

I’ve had so much going on lately that I kind of feel like I haven’t had time to process it all. A lot of change has been on the way for the past few weeks and it’s all coming together right now. As it, unfortunately, interferes with my blogging, I thought I should share them with you – if you are nosy like me, you may enjoy knowing a little more as well.

The end of an era

If you have read my previous blogpost, you will already know that last Thursday was my last day as a student. After 6 years of being a student in College, I am now done with sitting behind a chair and doing my best to digest all of the knowledge. I will “only” have to do my internship thesis and the defense and that’s in late September. It was quite the shock when I realized that on Thursday night, especially after saying farewell to my classmates. It took me a good 24 hours to feel normal again. I guess when you are so used to a situation, when it’s no longer your everyday routine, you don’t really know what to hang on to. But I’m all good now, humans get used to change quite easily I guess.

The Internship

I am now starting my internship and I am happy to report that it’s going great! The team is very nice and welcoming and I feel quite an ease already, and coming from me that’s saying something. I like my missions and the fact that I can be quite creative. I think I’m going to learn a lot from this experience. And the view from my desk is quite amazing not gonna lie. And, I’m 25 minutes away from home. Winner.

Speaking of home

In 10 days I will be moving. Well, we will be moving. After a bit of uncertainty, we decided in January to move apartments. The building is incredibly noisy – I mean, I can hear my next door neighbor talk and sneeze, my upstairs neighbor wakes me up every morning and I can hear my downstairs neighbor’s TV freaking day and night. Plus, the front door is so not soundproof that anytime someone closes the front door I think it’s mine. We knew we could move a bit more outside of the city (well, 5 minutes from it by car) so we went for it and I’m so excited.

Our new apartment is on the top floor which makes me incredibly happy, it’s in a quiet area, close to a lot of facilities and supermarkets, the bus stop is at my doorstep and the view from the apartment is amazing. And, it almost twice the size as the one we have right now. I’m beyond excited. But, we decided to rent an unfurnished apartment which means that we have to buy pretty much everything wish has made me quite anxious. It’s a lot of work to browse website for cheap, good quality furniture and means that moving day won’t be very fun.

However, I am definitely enjoying picking up the furniture ourselves for once, even though they are not exactly what we want for our future stable home, it’s nice to decide not to have a super slouchy couch. 


Anything new going on in your life?

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