New Beauty Buys – NYX lip liners and Bright Soft Matte Lip Cream

March 18, 2018

I have to admit that during the colder months, I am not one to wear a lot on my lips. It’s usually a good lip balm and maybe a little bit of lip liner and I’m good to go. Because my lips get so dry and flake-y with the cold, lip products always end up applying badly, looking not too good or just not lasting because I keep chewing on the dry bits – I know, gross.

However, spring is coming (yeah!) and I my lips have been better lately so I decided to finally test out a few lip bits I picked up when on a shopping trip a few months ago when I got the NYX sweet cheek blush palette, got a few bits at Sephora and purchased one of my now must-have skincare product.

New Beauty Buys - NYX Lip Liners and Bright SOft Matte Lip Cream

I had never tried NYX lip liners and because I like to even out my upper lips, I decided to go for two nude colors. I picked up SPL 860 Peekaboo Neutral and 819 Soft Brown from the Slim Lip Pencils. The colors are both beautiful, the first one being a natural brown color with a little bit of pink and the second a light tan brown. However, I’m not crazy about the formula. I find it too dry and therefore, too drying on the lips. I like to wear a lip balm and just line the lips but I can’t do that with these because it dries out the edges and makes it obvious. They were 2,90€ so I wasn’t expecting them to be amazing but I have to say I am a bit disappointed.

NYX lip liner swatches

The other product I picked up was another one of their Soft Matte lip cream in Morocco. I has been eyeing that color for a while now and because spring is on the way and I think it will be gorgeous for summer as well, I thought why not. As all of the Soft Matte collection the formula is amazing, lasts for ages, smells amazing and I love the color. And  I’ve just seen that they have released 12 new gorgeous shades. This can’t be unseen, why do you do that to me NYX?! Thank goodness they are only 6,90€.

Soft Matte Morocco swatch

Morocco and lip liners swatches sun

Do you have any recommandation for a really good lip liner? One that lasts for a long time and has a good color range?

Which NYX Soft Matte lip cream shade is your favorite?

3 responses to “New Beauty Buys – NYX lip liners and Bright Soft Matte Lip Cream”

  1. Love the Morocco colour! My absolute favourite NYX soft lip cream is Zurich, it’s the perfect spring colour.

    Felicity |

  2. Morocco is such a beautiful colour!! I want it <3 There are just so many nice colors in the Soft Matte lip cream range. Luckily they are not so expense 🙂

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